DST Releases its Inaugural Environment, Social and Governance ("ESG") Report

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DST, China’s leading new energy vehicle (“NEV”) fleet management company, today released its inaugural Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) report. The first-ever ESG report highlights the progress and evolution of milestones surrounding DST’s commitment to facilitate the electrification of urban logistics, advance the sustainability in fleet management industry and bring clients and drivers efficient experiences, through sound governance and technology innovation.

The report details DST’s ESG performance and advancements throughout 2022 in key areas including corporate governance, business ethics, talent development, low-carbon operations and innovations.

DST is proud to share with stakeholders the following highlights from its ESG Report:

  • Total number of logistics NEVs being selected and evaluated for 2022 ESG report: 55,178
  • Total cumulative carbon emission reductions in 2022: 128,972 tons
  • Patents and copyrights granted and pending at year end 2022: 149
  • Setting up EV Co in April 2022 with Strides Mobility, a subsidiary of Singapore MRT (SMRT). The venture is dedicated to the operation of urban logistics NEVs in Singapore.
  • Participation in drafting industry standards, including Technical Specifications for Carbon Footprint Evaluation of Power Battery Cascade Utilization, and Technical Specification for Physical Regeneration of Waste Lithium-ion Batteries by Resourcing All Components
  • Awarded “Global Cleantech 100” by Cleantech Group and “Dark Green Rating” by Cicero – Shades of Green, an S&P Global brand providing independent research-based ESG evaluations

Ms. Haiying Zhang, Founder and Chairwoman of DST commented, “Embracing our role as a leader and innovator in carbon neutrality, DST is excitedly setting its sights on a future where our actions today shape a greener tomorrow. By 2025, coinciding with our tenth anniversary, we anticipate the management of a substantial and more technologically advanced fleet of logistics NEVs. This endeavor will mark a major milestone in our journey. It embodies our resolute commitment to revolutionize the urban logistics sector. Our goal is to significantly amplify the presence of eco-friendly logistics vehicles, striving to elevate their total volume to over 2.5 million by 2025 in aggregate. This visionary step forward reflects our dedication to leading a sustainable transformation in the industry. Together with our dedicated peers and partners, we’re not just aiming for growth; we’re fostering a new era of healthy, high-quality, and sustainable development in our industry. This is our pledge to the planet and to future generations, as we lead the charge towards a brighter, cleaner world.”

Please contact the Company for the full report.

About DST

Founded in 2015, DST Electric Vehicle Rental (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(“DST”, the “Company”, “we”), is a leading digital intelligent operation service provider in China for new energy logistics vehicles. Based on the principles of green and sustainable development, we take the responsibility of promoting the full electrification of urban logistics vehicles and managing their life cycle as our approach. DST connects the whole value chain of the new energy logistics vehicle industry and provides customers with a digital intelligent operation service network, including asset operation and services integrating vehicle leasing and sales, charging, storage, maintenance, and cascade utilization. We empower every participant in the industry to achieve efficiency and value enhancement by “service-oriented” and continue to promote the standardization and intelligence of the industry, so that the emerging ecosystem will become simpler and more effective due to DST.

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