EarlyBird Unveils EarlyBird 2.0: Family Finance Reimagined

NEW YORK, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EarlyBird, the leading innovator in family finance, proudly announces the highly anticipated launch of EarlyBird 2.0. This groundbreaking new platform sets an elevated standard in family finance, introducing a novel approach that uniquely combines fintech and social.

With EarlyBird’s newest launch, they aim to foster financial growth for children by introducing a unique community-based investing experience that connects family and friends to the children they love through the celebration of meaningful milestones and moments.

“After three years of supporting tens of thousands of families on their investment journey, we have applied all of these powerful learnings to deliver EarlyBird 2.0,” says Jordan Wexler, CEO at EarlyBird. “EarlyBird originally set out to disrupt how families gift to the kids they love by enabling the ability to send investments with a beautiful video/photo memory attached. After successfully becoming the simplest way to gift a financial asset to a child, we knew it was time to expand and create a true community-based investing platform.”

With the exciting launch of Moments in October 2022, EarlyBird now delivers on the team’s full vision with EarlyBird 2.0, providing parents the ability to “Build their Nest.” The Nest is a private, secure, and centralized network where all who support a child can capture, share, and invest as little as $1 to celebrate a child’s most precious moments.

The Nest eliminates the need for families to manage multiple Google Photo albums, navigate uncomfortable and very public social media posts, or juggle fragmented family iMessage groups. With its unified platform, EarlyBird 2.0 addresses all these needs under one roof, empowering families to focus on what truly matters: building a better financial future for their children.

“EarlyBird 2.0 is not just about investing; it’s about creating meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact on a child’s life,” says Caleb Frankel, COO at EarlyBird. “We understand that these investments are more than just financial; they are about building memories, a legacy, and providing a secure future for our children.”

EarlyBird is dedicated to transforming the investment landscape for all families. With EarlyBird 2.0, parents have an unprecedented opportunity to build wealth through community support and create lasting financial security for their children, while preserving and celebrating cherished memories. Through the Nest, EarlyBird fosters connection and empowers families and friends to collectively build a priceless time capsule for generations to come.

Check out EarlyBird 2.0 today at our website: getearlybird.io.

About EarlyBird

EarlyBird is a venture backed investing platform that enables parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child’s future in a way that is community-driven, purposeful, easy, and secure.

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