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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America:

In the third quarter of October 2023, the North American Epichlorohydrin (ECH) market displayed a varied trend. Initially, the price of ECH in the United States dropped by approximately 8% in the first months of the quarter. This decline was driven by the availability of cheaper imported products from overseas, impacting the global market and contributing to the overall downward price trend for ECH. Additionally, the low demand for ECH from the downstream epoxy resin market played a role in fostering a bearish trend. However, in the last two months of the quarter, the price of ECH experienced an increase, primarily attributed to an upswing in demand within the downstream epoxy resin market. This heightened demand positively influenced Epichlorohydrin pricing, as it is a crucial ingredient in epoxy resin production. Simultaneously, global market dynamics, including a worldwide price increase for ECH products, impacted the cost of importing into the USA, contributing to the price rise in the US market. This interconnectedness highlights the significance of monitoring international chemical pricing trends. In the Chinese market, Epichlorohydrin prices also increased by approximately 2%, mainly due to insufficient supply, underscoring the delicate balance between supply and demand in the chemical industry.


Throughout the third quarter of October 2023, the APAC region witnessed a mixed trend in the Epichlorohydrin (ECH) market. The Chinese market, in particular, saw a significant price decline of approximately 8% in the first month, attributed to the adverse impact of typhoon weather and heavy rainfall. Unfavorable construction conditions in South and East China led to sluggish market demand and increased inventory pressure on manufacturers, resulting in an overall weakened market scenario. The downstream construction industry faced challenges due to extreme weather conditions, exacerbating the imbalance between supply and demand in the ECH market. Manufacturers responded by adopting price reduction and promotional strategies to stimulate sales. However, in the last two months of the quarter, the price of ECH increased by around 2.8% and 0.3%, influenced by the rising cost of feedstock glycerine and an upward trend in the cost of raw material propylene, imposing notable cost pressure on producers. Despite some enterprises maintaining comfortable inventory levels, the overall market sentiment remained cautious, with most downstream players adopting a wait-and-see approach due to anticipated increases in supply.

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During the third quarter of 2023, the European Epichlorohydrin (ECH) market experienced a bearish trend. In Germany, ECH prices witnessed a significant 5% decline, primarily attributed to a pronounced decrease in demand from the construction industry. This decline was a result of the impact of high interest rates and soaring building costs, dampening enthusiasm for new construction projects across Europe. Despite ongoing projects and an increased emphasis on sustainability, economic uncertainty cast doubt on previously secure orders in the construction sector. Rising material costs further added to the challenges faced by businesses, leading to consistently lower profit margins than initially anticipated. These economic conditions created a less favorable environment for potential buyers and investors, resulting in subdued demand and contributing to a bearish trend in the ECH market.

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