Ever Surf Users Benefit from Native Coin Staking on the Ethereum Alternative

Crypto wallet and browser team Surf releases competitive staking research ensuring investor’s security

TALLINN, Estonia, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The team behind Ever Surf, the most popular Everscale wallet with in-built capacity to perform as a true blockchain browser, stepped forward to conduct competitive research in order to reveal key metrics and actual yield behind the top staking networks just days before leading platforms released their new yield offers. Just earlier this week, the U.S. subsidiary of Binance announced that it would introduce an Ethereum staking program with annual percentage yields of up to 6.0%. Experienced investors are well informed that blockchains offer various annual percent yields with varying staking conditions such as lock period and withdrawal times; this experience can be both confusing and misleading for new investors. The Surf team found it crucial for the safety of investors to undergo independent research, decipher and simplify the actual data.

Surf undertook analysis of staking APYs on different networks where the data includes nominal staking percentage, the speed of emission (which affects the real APY as its inflation), and the presence or absence of lock periods.

Three simple rules will help keep users’ funds safe:

  • Never share or store your seed phrase in places accessible by third parties
  • Never login to unknown sites and give them any permissions
  • Avoid clicking malicious links.

It’s essential to remember that there is no free money out there, and nobody wants to make you suddenly rich.

After selecting the coin for their next investment, users will then exchange the tokens they own for the ones they plan to stake. This can be done on CEXs and DEXs or via moving tokens through bridges. Octus Bridge connects many blockchains, providing a fast and convenient way to transfer tokens between BNB Chain, Fantom, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, Ethereum, Solana, and Everscale. The development of modern-day technologies can onboard more users to different projects as this process becomes more accessible with each new solution on the market.

Everything is great when you’re in the bull market—the coins grow, new projects crop up abundantly and the DeFi sector pumps. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that one should remain cautious when dealing with crypto—there are numerous grey areas along with dishonest people out there looking to grab your coins only to disappear into the sunset. Therefore it is imperative that security remains top of mind when working with crypto.

The Surf team would like to underpin the essential points when dealing with crypto—always keep your data protected, conduct thorough research for your investments, and assess potential risks. Always be careful with numbers—declared APRs might not include inflation, and lock periods can block your funds for extended periods. Let’s all hope that the bull market will come quicker than expected.

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