EverGlade Funding Alert – ARPA-H Announces Mission Office-Specific Funding Opportunities

By Merissa Mayo, Senior Consultant and Eric Jia-Sobota, Founder

HOUSTON, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) has announced a new funding opportunity through its Mission Office-specific Innovative Solution Openings (ISO). The funding opportunity aims to accelerate innovation and breakthroughs in health research by providing targeted support to projects aligned with ARPA-H’s mission areas.

The Mission Office Open ISOs represents a strategic effort by ARPA-H to focus resources on key priority areas, fostering collaboration and innovation within the health research community. Through this opportunity, ARPA-H aims to address critical challenges in healthcare and drive transformative advances in biomedical research. The four ISO focus areas are:

  • Health Science Futures: overcoming current scientific and technological barriers in healthcare, with an emphasis on cutting-edge, often disease-agnostic research that can lead to significant, translational changes across various diseases.
  • Proactive Health Systems: improving Americans’ health outcomes and lifespan by encouraging preventive measures and wellness behaviors before disease onset and diminished life quality.
  • Resilient Systems: investing in technologies that close gaps in care quality, efficacy, and availability, addressing the fragility and fragmentation of current systems.
  • Scalable Solutions: addressing access disparities in underserved areas through innovative telemedicine, mobile clinics, and streamlined manufacturing, aiming to overcome geographic and systemic barriers to healthcare delivery.

The funding opportunity remains open for twelve months after the BAA release date, and is open to researchers, innovators, and organizations across the healthcare landscape, including academia, industry, and non-profit sectors. Projects supported through this opportunity will receive funding and resources tailored to their specific mission area, enabling them to pursue high-impact research that aligns with ARPA-H’s goals. Additional information on each ISO can be found at https://arpa-h.gov/research-and-funding/programs.

“The new Innovative Solutions Opening funding opportunity exemplifies ARPA-H’s commitment to catalyzing impactful advancements in health research. By providing targeted support to projects aligned with ARPA-H’s mission areas, this initiative is poised to spur groundbreaking discoveries and shape the future of healthcase,” stated EverGlade Consulting Founder, Eric Jia-Sobota.

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