Freebee Gears Up for Expansion Following a Record-Breaking 2023

Rapid expansion and a 50% surge in ridership propel Freebee to new sustainable heights in urban transport.

MIAMI, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Freebee, the trailblazer in zero-fare, eco-friendly urban transport, is set to accelerate its service into 6 additional markets in early 2024 after concluding 2023 with the company’s most successful year to date.

The new service expansion, following closely on the heels of a successful launch in Homestead, FL, is a testament to Freebee’s rapidly growing footprint in urban transportation. Freebee is steadfast in its mission to make environmentally conscious transportation accessible to an ever-growing demographic.

In the wake of a landmark 2023 that witnessed a 50% increase in ridership, Freebee is poised to broaden its reach, building on the momentum of the previous year’s achievements. This surge has led to the company proudly delivering well over a million passengers, a clear indicator of the community’s embrace of our eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Freebee’s service area saw considerable expansion in 2023, Homestead capped off a 33% increase in market growth last year. In addition to the new service areas, Freebee expanded service among 11 communities it previously provided an offering. The company now offers its free, on-demand ride service in 38 communities, spanning across Florida and Virginia. This growth highlights Freebee’s commitment to making sustainable transportation accessible to a wider audience.

“Our remarkable journey in 2023, highlighted by significant market expansions and a surge in user adoption, sets a robust foundation for our ambitious goals in 2024,” said Freebee’s CEO, Jason Spiegel. “Our vision for the coming year is not just about extending our service area, but also about deepening our impact on community and environmental well-being.”

The Freebee app, available on iOS and Android, continues to simplify ride-hailing for users with real-time updates and easy access to Freebee’s complimentary, on-demand services, now operational seven days a week with extended hours.

As Freebee prepares to advance into new territories, the company celebrates not only the quantitative growth metrics but the qualitative strides made towards a greener, more sustainable future. The company’s zero-emission fleet is at the forefront of combating urban pollution and congestion, underlining Freebee’s dual role as a provider of innovative transportation solutions and an environmental steward.

Freebee’s trajectory is set for an even higher ascent in 2024 as the company eagerly anticipates the continued transformation of the urban mobility sector and its role in driving positive change.

About Freebee

Headquartered in South Florida, Freebee pioneers free, on-demand, 100% electric public transportation. With a growing fleet of over 150 electric vehicles, it offers transformative transportation to 38 municipalities and campuses within Florida and Virginia. Delivering over a million free rides annually, Freebee reshapes local mobility and strengthens community ties. The service not only provides accessible, eco-friendly transit but also helps connect people to their destinations, local businesses, and their community. Freebee inspires a new way of experiencing your community. To learn more visit

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