Fuse Oncology Announces at ASTRO 2023: Integrated Oncology Network (ION) will Begin Implementing S!GNAL Software Following a Highly Successful Trial Demonstrating Measurable Value

 Underscores the transformative power of S!GNAL at clinical and enterprise levels

BOONE, N.C. and NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Integrated Oncology Network (ION) is implementing Fuse Oncology’s (Fuse) groundbreaking product, S!GNAL, across its extensive network, following a highly successful trial that demonstrated the quantifiable value of the software. ION’s S!GNAL trial commenced on Aug. 1, 2023, with completion slated for Sept. 30, 2023.

VP of Clinical Operations at ION, Chris Burgess, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, “ION is committed to delivering the highest standard of care across our network of clinics. We believe that S!GNAL from Fuse offers unique and invaluable tools that are unmatched in the industry. Our decision to move forward with contracting is a testament to our confidence in S!GNAL’s proven value, as well as its ability to streamline operations.”

S!GNAL enables a radiation oncology practice where all clinical workflows and the supporting documentation are systematically monitored, and real-time feedback brings awareness to errors and inconsistencies. S!GNAL’s intuitive dashboard empowers clinical teams to quickly resolve identified issues eliminating several of the leading causes of claims denials—missing claims data, missing medical documentation and incorrect charge capture coding. The results include recovered revenue and compliance.

Additionally, the S!GNAL’s clinical consulting team configures the product for each workflow eliminating the need for clinical teams to build their own templates. S!GNAL’s rules-based engine deciphers intricate data, spotlights workflow exceptions, and surfaces them with real-time alerts for expeditious correction—recovering and saving health systems and oncology practices collectively millions of dollars. It seamlessly integrates with disparate electronic health record and oncology information systems providing the first-ever opportunity to monitor RadOnc performance across multi-site enterprises. In addition to the initial configuration, Fuse’s clinical consulting team also provides ongoing technical and operational support after deployment.

“We applaud ION’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to raising the bar in radiation oncology. ION’s adoption of S!GNAL underscores its position as an industry leader and its dedication to providing superior healthcare services to its patients,” said Fuse CEO James Bauler. “We are pleased that S!GNAL’s remarkable capabilities have earned the adoption of ION as the data and results speak for itself. Every radiation oncology clinic in the country can benefit from the innovative features of S!GNAL.”

Fuse Oncology will also be prominent at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) conference from October 1-4. Visit the Fuse team at Booth #1618 to learn more about S!GNAL and the other new products.

About Integrated Oncology Network (ION)

Integrated Oncology Network partners directly with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to offer the latest services and technologies to their patients. Founded in 2008, ION has grown to more than 50 centers across the country, providing a complete and integrated continuum of care – diagnostic testing, radiation oncology, medical oncology, urology and other ancillary services. For more information, visit www.ionetwork.com.

About Fuse Oncology

Fuse Oncology delivers SaaS solutions that break down healthcare workflow and data silos to create a seamless experience for clinicians in radiation oncology. By placing the broader electronic medical record system at the center of the architecture, Fuse eliminates duplicative and inefficient efforts to enable a future where oncology care moves at the speed of patients. For more information about S!GNAL and Fuse Oncology, visit FuseOnc.com. Stay updated on the latest developments by following us on LinkedIn @fuseoncology.

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