Government of Canada announces greener operations at the Canadian Space Agency and for our northern infrastructure

LONGUEUIL, QC, Feb. 22, 2024 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada is leading by example by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations to foster a low-carbon, climate-resilient and clean growth economy.

Today, the Honourable Anita Anand, President of the Treasury Board of Canada, was at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters in Longueuil, Quebec, to announce 2 new Greening Government Fund (GGF) projects, and to provide an update on a third project, all of which demonstrate innovation in greening federal operations in the Quebec region.

The first new project, slated to begin this spring, will see the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) perform a Life Cycle Assessment on one of its space projects to gather relevant data on the environmental impacts of space projects contracts. This will include identifying opportunities to reduce embodied carbon and developing solutions for decarbonizing space-related Research and Development contracts.

The second new project, led by Natural Resources Canada and National Defence, will directly address barriers to the adoption of lower carbon heating options in the northern heating market, such as sizing, installation, seasonal performance, and maintenance for buildings north of 60°. Funding will help facility owners and managers better understand system design and costs for these heating systems and increase uptake of ground source heat pumps and sea water heat pumps in the North.

The third project, led by Natural Resources Canada, began in 2020 and has optimized the use of electric heating at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters. This project contributed to a 33% reduction in total GHG emissions and natural gas consumption from real property operations since 2021–22. The results of this project, combined with the effects of retrofits and a cleaner electric grid, enabled the CSA to reduce GHG emissions from its real property portfolio by 56% since 2005–06. 

Combined, these projects represent almost $2M in funding for projects that will move the government closer to its goal of net-zero operations by 2050. This is part of the $55 million in GGF funding for 77 projects from 18 different federal departments/agencies that have reduced or will aid in reducing GHG emissions in government operations. 

Greening Government Fund projects create opportunities to test or implement innovative ideas that are intended to be replicable for other departments and support Canada’s climate action sustainable development goals.  


“Creating climate resiliency requires everyone to do their part and the government is no different. Improving the heating systems in the North and reducing embodied carbon at the Space Agency are some examples of where innovation is leading the way to net-zero, cost-effective and green operations. Through the Greening Government Strategy, we are leading by example in greening our own operations by supporting projects that will move us closer to our goal of net-zero operations by 2050.”

– The Honourable Anita Anand, President of the Treasury Board 

(Minister responsible for the Greening Government Fund, and the Greening Government Strategy)

“The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is committed to fostering sustainable practices as part of its mission to explore and utilize space to improve the lives of Canadians. The CSA’s involvement in the Greening Government Fund projects will help advance technological innovations and ensure the preservation of our planet and its space environment for future generations. This is a key part of the CSA’s contributions to our government’s environmental, social and economic sustainability goals.” 

– The Honourable Minister François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“All across the country, building operators are saving money on heating through energy efficiency upgrades. This includes in the Government of Canada’s own public buildings portfolio. These GGF investments are an example of federal climate leadership that will reduce costs and contribute to building a net-zero future.”

– The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

“As we continue to deal with the impacts of climate change, we are working with our partners to advance innovative solutions to the operational and security challenges that we are facing. Canada’s Greening Government Fund is supporting our efforts, and together with Natural Resources Canada, we are examining sustainable ways to heat our Northern infrastructure, while supporting the increased adoption of clean energy solutions in the North.”

The Honourable Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence

Quick Facts
  • The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Centre for Greening Government provides leadership toward net-zero, climate-resilient and green Government of Canada operations through the Greening Government Strategy.
  • The Greening Government Strategy is a set of commitments that apply to all core government departments and agencies and supports the Government of Canada’s commitment for net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • The Greening Government Fund was established as part of the Greening Government Strategy and provides funding for projects that aim to reduce emissions in operations of federal organizations.
  • Project funding comes from departments and agencies that generate more than 1 kilotonne of greenhouse gas emissions per year from air travel and from departments that are below this threshold and contribute voluntarily. Only departments and agencies that contribute to the fund are eligible to access it.
  • The Greening Government Fund targets projects that also test or implement innovative approaches, can be reproduced within or across departments, and pursue solutions in areas where greenhouse gas emissions are difficult to reduce.
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