Hankyung.com introduces: REVU Corporation, a leading influencer platform company in South Korea, which begins to tap worldwide

Global expansion through localization strategy with a deep understanding of influencer business

Plans to enter the US and Japanese markets with advanced platform technology and a thorough localization strategy

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — REVU Corporation (KOSDAQ: 443250), a global influencer platform company, has started to develop its services globally, especially in East and Southeast Asia.

The company is an influencer marketing platform that connects global clients in various industries with the right influencers for better marketing performances. It accounts for 66% of the total influencer marketing platform market in South Korea, prevailing in the market as a leader.

In October 2023, the company became a KOSDAQ-listed company with a diverse portfolio of influencer-based businesses, including REVU, an open-recruitment type matching platform with a global pool of more than 1.15 million influencer members; REVU Select, a searching and proposal type platform connecting clients with top influencers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers; and REVU Search, a big data-based influencer search service.

The company is making tangible progress in the global market. Since 2016, the company has begun its global services starting from Thailand, followed by other countries and region in East and Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan region, Indonesia and Mainland China. The global strategy of REVU Corporation focuses on partnership-based localization with a deep understanding of influencer business.

REVU Corporation is actively promoting subsidiary acquisitions and equity investments as a step toward fostering the local influencer industry and upgrading the business in the Southeast Asian market, where SNS marketing is active. In the Chinese market, the company has achieved significant results with live commerce services through local SNS platforms by collaborating with Wang Hong, Chinese social media influencers. Such localization strategies enabled REVU corporation to accomplish sales of KRW 10.3 billion last year at a 55% CAGR since 2020 in East and Southeast Asia. Overall revenue has also grown at a CAGR of 53% since 2020, surpassing KRW 40.2 billion last year.

The company also continues to invest in R&D to enhance the influencer marketing platform. In 2018, REVU Corporation established the REVU R&D CENTER in Vietnam to improve its big data and artificial intelligence machine learning technology base, increasing the competitiveness of its platform technology.

With advanced platform technology and a thorough localization strategy, REVU Corporation plans to enter the US and Japanese markets to further strengthen its competitiveness.

“The Influencer market has emerged as a big player in the distribution industry, exerting a strong influence on consumers,” said Dae Kyu Chang, CEO of REVU Corporation. “As their influence continues to grow, we are going to build an ecosystem that seamlessly connects all businesses with the right influencers and carry out various activities to strengthen our competitiveness in the global market.”

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