Healthcare Shares Launches a Crowdfunding Portal to Help Social Impact Healthcare Entrepreneurs Raise Capital From Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare Shares has launched a crowdfunding portal to help social impact healthcare entrepreneurs raise capital from physicians and healthcare professionals interested in investing in social impact healthcare ventures. Currently, startups on the portal can conduct offerings via Healthcare Shares under Rule 506(c) from accredited investors.

Healthcare Shares has launched a crowdfunding portal to help social impact healthcare entrepreneurs raise capital.

Healthcare Shares is also working on Regulation CF approval.  This is the same exemption WeFunder or Start Engine use to engage in equity crowdfunding from non-accredited investors. 

If Healthcare Shares obtains approval from the SEC/FINRA for Reg CF offerings, Healthcare Shares issuers will have the option to conduct offerings under either Reg CF or Rule 506(c) or concurrently under both exemptions.

Healthcare Shares was founded by serial healthcare entrepreneur Laurence Girard, who previously raised more than $35 million in equity financing for Fruit Street Health from more than 500 physicians and angel investors.  Fruit Street is a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program delivered via telehealth and live group video conferencing with registered dietitians.

“At Fruit Street we raised more than $35 million from more than 500 physicians and angel investors who believed in our social mission of preventing Type 2 diabetes through the power of telehealth. These investors also participated on our advisory board through a discussion forum called Basecamp and periodic Zoom meetings. We have been crowdfunding capital for Fruit Street, crowdsourcing knowledge from clinicians and industry veterans, and built a network of evangelists who believe in our company’s mission of preventing Type 2 diabetes. During my tenure at Fruit Street, I have received hundreds of requests from social impact healthcare entrepreneurs who want to raise capital from physicians and industry leaders instead of having one venture capital or private equity firm as an investor. These entrepreneurs feel that clinicians are more focused on having a social impact in healthcare than the majority of venture capital firms. There is also tremendous value in getting feedback about a healthcare product from physicians and clinicians taking care of patients on the front line of healthcare. Plus, having a health plan or hospital CEO as an investor might provide for a valuable introduction,” said Girard.

Healthcare Shares is seeking investors interested in investing in Healthcare Shares itself or the social impact healthcare startups on its platform.  It hopes to build a network of investors, who beyond making capital contributions, may become advisors to startups they help fund. 

Healthcare Shares is also looking for healthcare startups interested in becoming issuers and raising capital via Healthcare Shares.

“Healthcare Shares evens the playing field for innovators in healthcare.  Imagine a physician coming up with an idea for a new medical device.  Even if the device is sorely needed and has great financial potential, the probability of that physician raising a $1 million seed round from a venture capitalist may be quite low, particularly without specific connections.  Instead, the physician can go on Healthcare Shares and raise $1,000 from 1,000 physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who believe in their idea. Now the physician has raised $1 million for their idea and has a network of clinicians/healthcare executives ready to help them develop their idea,” said Girard.

About Healthcare Shares

Healthcare Shares is a new crowdfunding portal that aims to help social impact healthcare entrepreneurs raise capital from clinicians and healthcare executives interested in supporting their social mission. To register as an investor or startup on our platform, please visit or email


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