How Content Marketing Can Help a Modern Business

How Content Marketing Can Help a Modern Business

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Content marketing can be an invaluable asset to your business. Almost all top content marketing blogs mention blogging and posting on social media as effective content marketing methods.

In truth, however, long before the term ‘content marketing,’ social media, or even the internet came along, businesses used this marketing strategy to drive engagement and, ultimately, sales.

Like all other marketing strategies, you need to fully understand what content marketing is to make the most of it.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, in its most basic form, is storytelling. You are trying to tell the consumer about your product in the most exciting way, in the hope of finally convincing them to buy and use the product.

As you might imagine, the consumer’s attention will always be captured by the greatest storyteller. More often than not, the greatest salesman will be a terrific storyteller. They will capture the consumer’s problem, present it in the right way, and then present their product as the solution.

By doing this, the marketer moves the focus away from themselves and onto the consumer. With time, most of the people who hear the story, pay for the product and become loyal consumers. This is what your business must strive to do.

Unlike the businesses of yore, your story can be told to people world over, with the help of the internet. In fact, any successful content marketing strategy today cannot afford to ignore the internet. How can you use content marketing to your advantage?

Content Marketing and the Consumer Journey

In an ideal world, a consumer would hear about your product, and if it solves their problem, they’d immediately buy it. In the real world, however, there’s a middle consideration stage, where the user contemplates whether to buy or pass.

Therefore, the user goes through three stages, awareness –where they get to know of your business, consideration –where they consider buying and decision-where they make the decision whether or not to buy. These three stages demand different content marketing approaches.

In the awareness stage, a good description of what your business does should make up the bulk of your story. Tell the consumers about your product. Try to cultivate a relationship, but be careful not to come across like you’re doing a sales pitch.

To gauge how effective your marketing is, look at metrics such as time on site, articles viewed, page views, and the number of readers.

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