Human error causes dozens of drones fall from the sky at light show in China

At a drone light show in Henan, China dozens of drones fell from the sky creating a stunning apocalyptic scene.

Shortly after the crowd gathered to watch the light show, the drones began falling sending viewers scattering to find cover.

Fear not, this was not an event out of a science fiction movie, the drones fell due to human error and luckily did not cause injury or property damage, reports the South China Morning Post.

According to SupChina, initially the organizers of the light show blamed a rival drone company for the error claiming the company created “ill-intentioned signal interference” to sabotage the light show. However, later the shopping complex that hosted the light show told local police that it may have been due to “operational errors.”

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We’re taking this as a sign not to attend any light shows in the near future.

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