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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

 North America

In the United States market, the domestically traded price of Hydrogen peroxide remained consistently low throughout the entire third quarter of 2023, with an overall decrease of approximately 10% over the quarter. The United States experienced a mild decline in demand, attributed not only to the textile sector but also to the rubber industry. These combined factors created a situation of moderate demand, leading to an imbalance between supply and demand and subsequently causing noticeable price declines. Furthermore, the weak cost support from feedstock such as sulfuric acid and natural gas also influenced the pricing dynamics of this commodity. As the end of Q3 approached, the hydrogen peroxide market continued to experience a downward price trend. The primary contributor to this decline was subdued demand from downstream industries, particularly the textile and paper sectors. These industries, which heavily rely on Hydrogen peroxide, showed weakened demand, resulting in an oversupply situation. Consequently, manufacturers faced increased competition and pressure to lower their prices.


In the Asia-Pacific region, the Hydrogen peroxide market exhibited mixed sentiments during the third quarter of 2023. At the beginning of the quarter, the market saw a price surge. This upward trend was driven by a combination of factors, including insufficient inventories, import challenges, and increased demand from downstream rubber industries. Supply constraints led to heightened demand, resulting in rising prices. However, as the quarter progressed into the next month, the Hydrogen peroxide market took on a bearish tone. This shift was primarily due to subdued demand from segments such as Textile and Pulp & Paper. The market experienced a decrease of approximately 9.4% from the previous month, raising uncertainties about demand from downstream industries. In the last month of the quarter, the market continued to see declining prices. This decline was attributed to a lack of enthusiasm among domestic buyers and subdued demand in key sectors like textiles. Consequently, industry participants adopted cautious pricing strategies to remain competitive and accessible. Additionally, the lower cost of newly manufactured Hydrogen peroxide, driven by weak feedstock prices, compelled sellers to offer discounts on existing stock to maintain transaction activity.

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The prices of Hydrogen peroxide exhibited an overall declining trend, with a decrease of approximately 14% throughout the entire third quarter. At the beginning of Q3, the decline was primarily due to a subdued demand outlook from the downstream textile industries, influenced by the higher baseline of the previous months. Additionally, persistent geopolitical tensions and concerns over monetary tightening-induced recessionary fears contributed to a decrease in consumer spending across advanced nations. As the quarter progressed, high inventory levels in the market, coupled with limited market trades, led to buyers hesitating to place high-volume orders. In order to stimulate market transactions and restore profit margins, sellers were compelled to offer discounts, further contributing to the downward trend in the market. Moving to the last month of Q3, another declining trend was observed in the European hydrogen peroxide market. This decline was primarily driven by lower expenses associated with crucial feedstocks, particularly Natural gas. These reduced feedstock costs played a significant role in contributing to the overall drop in Hydrogen peroxide prices. Furthermore, the market faced challenges due to a weaker PMI, decreased manufacturing activities, and reduced industrial output, all of which led to decreased demand for Hydrogen peroxide from sectors like textiles and paper industries. These factors collectively compounded the challenges in market sentiment. 

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