iKala Expands Southeast Asian Influencer Database and Partnerships, Boosting Brands' Customer Acquisition with AI Influencer Marketing

The company’s AI influencer marketing platform KOL Radar encompasses 2 Million Influencers with Leading AI Search and Analytics.

TAIPEI, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iKala, a leading AI transformation solutions provider from Taiwan, announced a comprehensive expansion of its AI influencer marketing platform, KOL Radar. This expansion includes influencer profiles in Southeast Asia and strategic partnerships with regional partners, aiming to broaden the scope of influencer marketing services and empower brands, media, advertising and PR agencies in the region to implement effective influencer marketing strategies.

In response to the robust growth momentum and demand in the Southeast Asian influencer marketing market, iKala has rapidly expanded KOL Radar’s influencer database. Brands can instantly access 2 million influencer profiles via the KOL Radar SaaS platform, spanning markets including Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Leveraging advanced AI search and analytics, iKala facilitates precise influencer discovery for brand campaigns.

Developed by iKala’s AI team, the large language model (LLM) enables the swift expansion and understanding of KOL Radar’s social media data on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter¬†across Southeast Asia and other language regions. Future plans include the inclusion of Indonesian and Philippine influencer profiles, as iKala actively assists brand owners in seizing the influencer marketing opportunities in Southeast Asia.

In addition to building the most extensive AI-powered influencer search engine, iKala is actively expanding its influencer data marketing partner ecosystem in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. Today, it announces strategic collaborations with regional partners, including Amazon Global Selling, Fimmick, Innity, and Next Level Media. This collaboration aims to comprehensively assist brand owners in customer acquisition through influencer marketing. iKala is dedicated to fortifying and expanding its alliances with partners in the Southeast Asian market, thereby further advancing its service momentum.

In addressing the challenges faced by brand owners in precisely identifying suitable influencers, measuring campaign effectiveness, and spending considerable time collecting and consolidating campaign results, KOL Radar enables users to seamlessly conduct influencer marketing through pre-evaluation, post-evaluation, and prediction with deep AI technologies, and optimizes influencer marketing by covering discovery, matching, campaign management, reporting, and remarketing in one place.

Sega Cheng, Co-founder and CEO of iKala, stated, “We have seen tremendous potential in combining generative AI and predictive AI in KOL Radar. Coupled with the vibrant demand for influencer marketing in the Southeast Asian region, KOL Radar is becoming the largest AI influencer search and analytics platform. Now with the strong regional partnerships, we are even more capable of assisting brands in Southeast Asia in accelerating customer acquisition in the creator-driven marketing landscape.”

About iKala

iKala is a leading AI transformation solutions provider from Taiwan, with a mission to “enable AI competencies” of enterprises by providing AI-driven cloud management and MarTech solutions, to optimize their operational efficiency and increase customer engagement. iKala’s solutions and SaaS products are available in 7 countries, enabling over 1,000 enterprises and top-tier brands, including Fortune 500 companies, to transform their business.

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