iNeuron acquires YouTube Influencer Hitesh Chaudhary's Learn Code Online

BANGALORE, India, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iNeuron, India’s leading affordable technology education EdTech company, has acquired a 100 percent stake in YouTube Influencer Hitesh Chaudhary’s initiative ‘Learn Code Online.’ Hitesh Chaudhary has over 700,000 education subscribers on his channel, will also come on board as  the  Chief Technology Officer of iNeuron.

LCO (Learn Code Online) will now be managed by iNeuron as part of the  transaction. With this, iNeuron will have  have a connection with  4.5 million subscribers. Hitesh is a well-known influencer, will also bring his relationships with over 20+ colleges overseas and 100+ Indian/foreign universities to iNeuron, allowing it to connect with them for B2B business.

Founded by former E&Y and Panasonic alumnus Sudhanshu Kumar and Krish Naik, iNeuron is one of India’s most affordable EdTech platform offering 230+ Courses across all technologies including state-of-the-art projects in emerging technologies like Data Science, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, and Commercial drones.

Sudhanshu Kumar, Founder of iNeuron, commented on the acquisition and arrival of Hitesh, saying, “We are thrilled to have Hitesh Chaudhary’s experience on board. At iNeuron, my key objective is to make education affordable and strengthen our Tech infrastructure so that we can manage millions of learners on the platform. Our students should be able to learn both on the web and mobile platforms without difficulty. Hitesh will enable our Tech stronger so that instructors may focus on teaching.”

“I am really thrilled to work with Sudhanshu and Krish, they are the individuals I have always looked up to in the industry,” Hitesh Chaudhary, CTO, iNeuron, said of the new role. “The most essential goal of this new journey is to focus on teaching vital skill sets to students that are wanted by companies and organizations all over the world, as well as making education more accessible and sustainable. Making education more accessible to all sectors of the economy, in my opinion, is the only path ahead for society,” he added.

iNeuron began as a product development company that catered to both local and international clients and continues to produce cutting-edge solutions for clientele all around the world. However, the founders identified flaws in the realm of AI education and discovered that Data Science education was not only prohibitively costly but also lacked practical exposure through live projects. The company has extensive experience in product development in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing, auto ML, and machine learning, as well as industry expertise in warehousing, security, surveillance, healthcare, and inventory management. iNeuron also has a training academy where they provide low-cost AI education in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. secured a Series A round of funding from S Chand Group and Mukesh Sharma Family Trust in December 2021. The  company has also launched one of the most affordable education programs in One Neuron and Kids Neuron.


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