ION Storage Systems' Anodeless and Compressionless Solid State Battery Shows Unprecedented Performance Under Extreme Heat Conditions

Tested by U.S. Army Research Lab, ION’s Battery Achieved Hundreds of Cycles at 60℃/140°F, Outperforming other Battery Platforms in Extreme Testing

BELTSVILLE, Md., April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ION Storage Systems (ION), a Maryland-based manufacturer of safe, high-energy density, fast-charging solid-state batteries (SSB), announced an unprecedented milestone in the commercialization of its SSB. The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) tested ION’s SSBs at its Adelphi, MD facility and was able to achieve hundreds of cycles without compression, at both room (25℃/77°F) and extreme (60℃/140°F) temperatures, using ION’s anodeless solid-state batteries.  

Temperature can have a variety of effects on batteries, their performance and longevity. While moderate heat can have a positive effect on a battery’s performance, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can accelerate the degradation of the battery cells, leading to a shortened lifespan, reduced capacity, increased internal resistance, and decreased overall performance over time. Heat-induced degradation can compromise the structural integrity of the battery, increasing the risk of safety hazards such as thermal runaway.

To protect a battery and its users from extreme heat, a vast array of battery management and cooling systems are deployed – especially in larger battery platforms like electric vehicles – to ensure no damage and hazards occur.

“We’re blowing the doors off legacy battery platforms,” said Ricky Hanna, CEO of ION Storage Systems. “For as long as batteries have been around, battery manufacturers have had to make concessions to keep them from overheating resulting in painful charging times and shorter battery life and even fires. In partnership with the ARL, ION has proven that our batteries aren’t beholden to the same old rules and we can offer a considerably higher performing and safe battery not just for today’s demands – but for tomorrow’s ‘moonshot.'”

ION’s SSB will support a variety of applications including defense and aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. The company recently announced a multi-year supply agreement with Saint-Gobain Ceramics, a global leader in ceramic materials products, following a successful technical relationship and manufacturing pilot program. As part of the agreement, Saint-Gobain will utilize its proprietary manufacturing process to produce high-quality ceramic powder to meet ION’s planned GWh-scale manufacturing growth to support defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicle, and grid storage customers.

About ION Storage Systems, Inc.

ION offers a uniquely adaptable solid-state battery solution for a variety of applications including defense and aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. The product of a materials-science-based approach, ION’s patented solid-state lithium metal technology can offer a battery without cobalt, nickel, and other less sustainable materials offering a variable architecture of revolutionary 3-D, ceramic structure, built with rapidly scalable manufacturing in mind. ION leverages a unique ceramic cell design that supports the use of current and next-gen cathode chemistries, promoting circularity and recycling, avoiding the issues and challenges of mining, and refining rare earth metals.

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