IQDAX Launches Innovative Open Trading Protocol to Reshape the Decentralized Trading Landscape

SYDNEY, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Financial trading hub IQDAX is delighted to announce its latest innovation, with the launch of a decentralized trading platform that looks set to effectively reshape the way individuals trade.

As long time experts in the field of financial derivatives trading, IQDAX provides an open, worldwide space where traders and investors of all levels can get involved. From newbie investors who are just getting started on their financial journey, to more experienced individuals demanding a safe and convenient trading environment, IQDAX caters to them and everything in between.

The company has seen dramatic growth over the last year and continues to expand with fantastic new additions such as an appealing ambassador program and the newly out-of-beta investment platform TradeHub.

In addition, IQDAX announces a new decentralized trading protocol to be launched soon under the codename Open Trading Protocol to attract even more attention from prospective crypto investors and traders. The new decentralized protocol introduced by IQDAX promises to be every bit as innovative as its prior endeavours, and will again expand the possibilities of the platform for investors.

The Open Trading Protocol is designed for various types of digital asset exchange trading such as:

  • Cryptocurrency swaps
  • Leveraged crypto pairs (crosses)
  • Crypto ETF-like funds and portfolios
  • Digital assets copytrading

However, the IQDAX’s new trading platform is set to be significantly more advanced. The upcoming protocol is the result of deep research to introduce on-chain settlement for any cross-asset margin trading transactions on the platform that use Ethereum-based ERC20 assets, and will introduce proxy derivatives as its key innovation.

It will not take long until this new protocol goes live, giving investors new possibilities in the way IQDAX has already become synonymous with. After it is published and open sourced in April 2022, just in time for celebrating the 1st anniversary of the company, IQDAX will then launch its decentralized exchange hub under the new name Lambda Exchange.

The new platform will also allow for decentralized portfolio management that removes the risks investors normally face. They will benefit from a number of confidence-building and security-boosting features that alleviate commonplace problems, such as:

  • Centralized governance
  • Direct manipulation
  • Unaudited performance statistics
  • Unauthorized access to funds

All of these new events are just part of the process at IQDAX, where innovations are rapid and effective. This leaves traders and investors free to get to work on making their finances work for them!

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