JD Martin and Livingston Energy Group's Partnership Expands Availability of Certified Commercial EV Charging Installers

Commercial electricians add electric vehicle (EV) certification to their credentials and expand their professional service offerings in seven US markets

HOUSTON, May 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JD Martin is pleased to announce a collaboration with Livingston Energy Group results in growing the nation’s network of certified electric vehicle (EV) installers and enabling access to best-in-class hardware and software solutions for EV infrastructure development.

Commercial electricians add electric vehicle (EV) certification to their credentials and expand their professional service offerings in seven US markets

The inaugural group of JD Martin’s distributors and contractors to receive specialized training and certification came from Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas — to recently complete Livingston’s in-person installation and service training program held in Schenectady, New York.

Livingston Energy Group, a full turnkey EV charging solutions provider since 2016, has facilitated the construction of over 7,000 charging stations, both active and currently in development, on its network. Ranked as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, Livingston offers a full suite of services and equipment across North America for building electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the associated infrastructure.

Will DeRuve, Vice President of North American Sales says, “Our program offers partners a total turnkey training solution for the installation, repair, and troubleshooting, and activation/configuration processes. Our goal is to create a better EV charging experience for not only installers but also end users and drivers.” DeRuve adds, “Our partners also learn about our Buy America Compliant Level 2 adjustable output EV Charging Station that can supply between 3kW and 19.2 kW of power, along with our catalog of DC Fast Charging systems ranging from 24kW to 1MW of output. Livingston’s goal is to bring the knowledge we have gathered over many years to the market. Educating our partners on which products to use in different scenarios, and why, is critical to bringing smart solutions not only to drivers but to the groups investing in these technologies. We boast a catalog of over 500 different models of EV Charging stations, and helping our partners bring the knowledge and experience to the market is critical to the continued growth of this industry. Livingston is proud to continue to bring cutting-edge technology to our partners across the country and create more subject matter experts in the EV Charging space.”

“As the demand for EV charging station installation projects expands nationally, commercial electricians must find reliable training solutions to supplement their technical knowledge to safely install and repair high quality commercial EV chargers. We are pleased to partner and offer our customers options and opportunities for best-in-class products and training,” added Allen Austin, JD Martin’s VP of E-Mobility and Renewable Energy.

“I’ve been in the electrical industry over 25 years. I’ve watched a lot of products, platforms and people come and go. You learn who and what is made to last, both in quality and reliability,” said Charlie Waugh of Beltline Electric.

Waugh, who is based in Louisville, Kentucky, added, “As an EVITP certified installer, I’m excited to align with forward-thinking and passionate folks at Livingston. They have the tools and resources I need to ensure I can deliver and meet the demand of our growing EV infrastructure needs. Livingston has created a pleasant tactile interface and EV charging experience which minimizes downtime and increases revenue streams. I’m excited for what the future holds.”

David Little, a licensed independent residential and commercial electrician, who owns Cross Wired Electrical Services of Bartow, Florida said, “After visiting and touring Livingston Energy’s facility, I can confidently say it was an amazing experience. The ease and quality of the certification process was top-notch. The Livingston team was incredibly helpful throughout the entire certification process.” Little added, “The culture at Livingston Energy is truly something special. The employees are passionate about what they do, and it shows in everything they do.”

Livingston’s unique solutions are built to support facility managers, utilities, municipalities, commercial properties, fleet managers, and federal agencies in establishing private and public charging solutions. Livingston boasts one of the largest hardware catalogs in the industry with 100’s of certified charging solutions ranging from Level 2 (AC) to Level 3 (DC). This catalog is built to ensure that the varying needs of the growing electric transportation industry can be met with the correct infrastructure for each site and client need. Livingston made a mission to change the game by creating a versatile, full-scope resource for clients and partners throughout the country.

Livingston’s products have been vetted and approved for incentives, grants, and tax credits across the United States including awards from federal, state, and local governments and utilities. With a team of specialists, you can be assured that your project is designed to bring maximum value to your organization by leveraging these programs. For more information about Livingston visit https://www.solution.energy/company.


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A solution provider since 2016, Livingston offers a full suite of turnkey services and equipment across North America for the installation and management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and the required infrastructure. Assisting the fleet operators and facility managers of agencies, utilities, municipalities, and commercial properties in establishing private and public charging solutions, we provide an array of Level 2 and DCFC (L3) charging equipment and custom software solutions to meet the needs of a growing electric fleet. Our driving purpose is to facilitate the adoption of increasingly efficient technologies and reducing overall energy consumption while minimizing upfront investments and saving our clients on operating expenses. To learn more about Livingston Energy Group click here.


Allen Austin

Vice President, Renewable Energy & E-Mobility


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