LA-Based AWE Industries to Build Papua New Guinea's First Atmospheric Wind Extractor to Deliver Clean Water and Electricity to Wewak District

Renewable Energy System Combats Power Outages + Drought by Generating 650M Gallons of Potable Water 24/7 and Continuous Supply of Electricity

LOS ANGELES, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AWE Industries, an LA-based renewable energy provider that designs and manufactures clean, wind-based technology systems, and Air2Power Ltd, a clean engineering company in Papua New Guinea, today announced they have the blessing of the National Energy Authority of Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guinea Power Limited, to install that country’s first Atmospheric Wind Extractor (AWE) in the Wewak district of Papua New Guinea.

The AWE System is capable of delivering liquid water and baseload power at utility scale for consumption and irrigation at much less cost than any other renewable energy source and is feasibly the most pragmatic solution to the water access and power challenges facing the country. It generates electricity and water 365 days a year, 24/7, and can also operate on no-wind or low wind days, mitigating power cuts and outages from sabotage and breakdowns.

Only 40% of residents have access to clean drinking water in Papua New Guinea, so the AWE System is a game-changer for the people of Wewak.

“It’s exciting to see the Papua New Guinea energy authorities lead the way with our innovative product,” said M.K. Boston, director of Business Development for AWE Industries. “The Atmospheric Water Extractor requires only an acre to generate 48 Megawatts of wind-based electricity and 650 million gallons of water each year, much less than wind turbines, and it’s an unrivaled renewable solution for resolving the potential water crisis caused by climate change.”

The patented AWE System was designed in 2016 by a San Diego-based engineer, Allen Jones.

The water-extraction component, which is integrated with the compact clean power-generating system, uses air compression to take water vapor from the ambient air to produce new sources of water. The water is stored for immediate use or piped to outlying areas.

“It’s a one-stop solution for clean water and power,” said Thompson Benguma, managing director and chief engineer of Air2Power Ltd.

Air2Power and AWE Industries will break ground with the support of the East Sepik Provincial Government in 2023.

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AWE Industries is an LA-based renewable energy provider that designs and manufactures clean technology devices to produce energy with the smallest possible environmental footprint. We operate as an Independent Water and Power Producer to provide cost-effective, high-capacity wind-powered energy and water-producing systems to governments, municipalities, businesses, and agriculture.


Air2Power LTD is a power company led by Managing Director and Chief Engineer Thompson Benguma in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Benguma works with innovative leaders in the renewable power industry to bring clean energy to communities in Papua New Guinea.


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