Leading Global Business Development Expert Michael Kosty Joins ONIT Sciences

Expanded prior employer’s operations to over 120 countries with 40 product launches and 10x increase in sales

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ONIT Sciences, an agriculture company specializing in organic input technologies, announced today that internationally recognized industry veteran Michael Kosty has joined the company as Director of Global Business Development. This new hire coincides with the company’s business opportunities outside of the United States in response to the global fertilizer shortage and government initiatives to adopt organic, sustainable—yet profitable— farming protocols that are now coming to fruition. While serving as Global Sales Director at a large Los Angeles-based fertilizer company, Michael led one of the most successful expansions, both in terms of new markets opened and products launched, in the hydroponics industry.

Expanded prior employer’s operations to over 120 countries with 40 product launches and 10x increase in sales

“I have tremendous plans for ONIT Sciences and am extremely excited to start working with the executive team,” stated Mr. Kosty. “I am very familiar with the company’s incredible products, and especially their flagship formulation ONIT Grow. This product is, I believe, is one of the most unique and powerful bio-stimulants and surfactants ever produced. That fact that it is all natural, organic, non-GMO and non-polymer really throws the door wide open to global applications across a myriad of crops.

“To begin with, I am building out a sales team of proven professionals who have delivered for me before, to bring ONIT Sciences products to their extensive networks,” continued Kosty. “Second, I am creating a large-scale distribution center in the Netherlands, which will handle material and professional support for our European Union customers. Third, I am introducing ONIT to a large farming operation in South Africa where I was the lead consultant, which will result in immediate, significant orders. This will be in concert with field trials the company has underway in South Africa and Malawi for rice, sugarcane and hemp. I understand the company will be handing off many in-process business opportunities for me to pursue in India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Belize, Colombia, Brazil, the UK and my native Canada. This is a fantastic opportunity for me professionally, and I believe for the company as well, to benefit from my proven ability to open new markets and generate interest and sales of great products like ONIT Grow and ONIT Input Plus.”

Mr. Kosty will be provided with the resources and support to expand operations according to a detailed strategic plan he is creating in conjunction with management. Included in this plan will be support for industry events, field trials and studies, marketing and sales activities and requisite travel. Additionally, he will be asked to document processes and build standard operating procedures (SOP) which will allow programs to be more easily replicable across territories.

“Mike is one of the best-known and highly respected consultants, globally. And he’s been working extensively in the industry for over 20 years, with a global emphasis during the past 10-plus years,” noted Gerry Martin, ONIT Sciences’ CEO. “He literally knows farmers in 100-plus countries, as well as executives at the largest agriculture conglomerates in the world. This means he is uniquely positioned to help ONIT Sciences access decision-makers who know and trust him, dramatically reducing sales cycle timelines and delivering on our revenue and growth goals. Additionally, he has managed or sold to many people in the industry who have gone on to take jobs with companies that would be ideal distribution or merger partners, or even acquirers, of ONIT.

While Mr. Kosty’s title suggests an international focus, he has worked extensively within North America and has been responsible for building 290 farms producing more than 5 billion hemp seeds annually. He has extensive experience not only in sales and marketing, but also in finance, international trade and research and development.

“Mike is a perfect fit for ONIT,” explained Jeff Moses, chief marketing officer at ONIT Sciences. “We are at the right stage of growth to maximize the value he can provide to us. We have so many business development opportunities in process that he will have his hands full quickly, helping us deliver on our current pipeline. Additionally, his plans for the company are truly breathtaking in scope and are perfectly aligned with management’s vision. Lastly, the timing is ideal, with fertilizer supply chain challenges and constant pressure from consumers, environmental groups and governments to deliver sustainable, organic solutions to farmers that won’t sacrifice yield or returns.”

About ONIT Sciences

ONIT Sciences (Organic Natural Input Technologies) is an agriculture technology company whose mission is to increase plant health and crop yield through natural, organic, non-GMO sciences while maximizing value to customers, shareholders, partners and employees. Established in 2018, the company is led by industry veterans and maintains offices in Irvine, California.

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