Mass Arbitration Against Paypal and Amazon Initiated!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Bensamochan Firm announces a mass arbitration initiative against PayPal Holdings Inc. and together with Schreiber & Schreiber Inc. and certain other law firms. In those arbitrations, the firms will seek to represent those individuals, small companies, and sellers whose accounts with PayPal Holdings, Inc. or were frozen or limited after an alleged violation of their internal policies. The practice of dominating digital platforms to unilaterally seize users’ money due to an alleged policy violation without due process has been going on for years. Despite the mounting complaints, those platforms have been maintaining the practice, partially due to the cost and difficulty for any small balance users to initiate an arbitration proceeding against those platforms.

The Bensamochan Firm announces a mass arbitration initiative against PayPal Holdings Inc. and

If you have had funds seized from PayPal or Amazon for an alleged violation of their internal policies, you may be eligible to join the mass arbitration. Mass arbitration members may be able to join regardless of the amount seized from PayPal, Amazon or geographical location. Those who inquire by e-mail are encouraged to visit or, and follow the instructions there to complete the process. By completing the Contribution Agreement on either site, you will become a holder of certain governance DAO to participate in the group legal action against the platforms, subject to certain terms and conditions in the agreement. As of today, over four thousand people have opted to join with an aggregate claim amount in excess of Seven Million Dollars. In 2021, Liti Capital SA, a Swiss blockchain-based litigation funding provider, started a class action against Binance. This group arbitration is another indication that blockchain technology might be changing class action and mass arbitration arena going forward as the technology is making it easier to group global claimants and attorneys alike to join force in massive legal undertakings against dominant digital platforms.

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