Meta: 4000 Employees might be Affected in Another Round of Layoffs

Another round of layoffs hits the door at Meta, Facebook’s parent company.

According to Vox, the mass round of layoffs is expected to take place this Wednesday, with the move impacting a wide range of technical teams including those working on Facebook, Instagram, Reality Labs, and WhatsApp. 

This news was confirmed by a Meta spokesperson per Vox, and part of the memo read:

This will be a difficult time as we say goodbye to friends and colleagues who have contributed so much to Meta,” Lori Goler, Meta’s Head of People.

The cuts could be in the range of 4,000 jobs, and while employees outside of North America, would be notified by email at varying timelines, some countries will not be impacted and employees in North America will be notified by email between 4 am to 5 am PT Wednesday morning. 

Employees in North America who can work from home are told to do so on Wednesday so the people can have enough space to process the news.

In November last year, Meta cut off 11,000 employees. Soon after in March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there would be another cut of 10,000 more jobs in the coming months.

The goal for the continued layoffs is part of Zuckerberg’s plans to ensure a “year of efficiency” in 2023. 

The increasing number of layoffs across tech companies is a warning for employees to tighten their seat belts, build themselves more and enhance their learning.




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