MeWe and Frequency Enable World's Largest Migration to Decentralized Social

With ~170,000 active users on Web3, popular social media platform MeWe is pioneering transition to decentralized web

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Just months after integrating with the Frequency blockchain, 20-million-user social network MeWe today announced that it now has ~170,000 active users on Web3. MeWe is the first social network to move users at scale from Web 2.0 to Web3 without disruption of their current experience – heralding a new era for social media outside of the closed, proprietary platforms that dominate today’s web.

“This active user milestone is validation of what’s possible and shows that people see the value in Web3 technologies that would give them more control over their data and social networking experience,” said MeWe Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Edell. “MeWe is proud be leading the way to a new era for social media and will continue leveraging cutting-edge Web3 technologies to strengthen our commitment to user privacy and control.”

Last fall, MeWe announced plans to integrate the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP)—an open internet protocol released by nonprofit Project Liberty, which was founded by Frank McCourt and publicly launched in 2021—into its tech architecture. DSNP was designed to drive an evolution of the internet in which social networking functionality is freed from closed, proprietary platforms and delivered as part of the web itself. MeWe leverages Frequency, a Layer-1 parachain within the Polkadot ecosystem, to be DSNP compliant. By utilizing DSNP and Frequency, MeWe will enable its users to own their data, claim a universal handle and access a social media experience with greater privacy, more control and more authentic sharing.

“MeWe is showing the industry how forward-thinking platforms can offer the benefits of Web3, including the ability to reclaim their digital rights and data, without disrupting the user experience,” said Frank McCourt, founder and executive chairman of Project Liberty and McCourt Global. “It’s exciting to see MeWe harness the power of technologies developed by our world-class tech team to advance the building of a new web that empowers users and supports healthier digital communities.” 

Frequency allows applications to cost-effectively deliver Web3 features to large, established user bases while tapping into the compounding network effects of the universal, shared social graph enabled by DSNP.

“Frequency is designed to enable Web 2.0 apps to deliver Web3 value to their users, and MeWe is taking a pioneering step by leveraging Frequency to give people control of their own data,” said Braxton Woodham, co-creator of DSNP and president of Amplica Labs, a key part of McCourt Global’s technology business. The team Woodham leads was the initial technical contributor to Frequency. “The Web3 migration of MeWe is moving us closer to a world in which individuals, not corporations, are in control of our digital lives.”

About MeWe

MeWe is a social network built to put privacy first and committed to giving users more control over their data and social media experience. The company offers a groundbreaking “Privacy Bill of Rights” which guarantees users control of their data and news feeds. MeWe allows users to join groups, engage their friends, and puts them in complete control without ads or algorithms. With 20-million users worldwide, and unique features such as the MeWe 2-way camera and voice & video messaging, MeWe is host to over 600,000 user-driven interest groups. By leveraging Frequency, MeWe began its migration to Web3 in 2023 and is poised to become the largest decentralized social media app in the world.

MeWe was named a 2020 Most Innovative Social Media Company by Fast Company and a 2019 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2016, MeWe was honored as Start-Up of the Year Finalist for “Innovative World Technology” at SXSW.

About Frequency

Frequency is a Layer-1 blockchain optimized for high-volume use cases that makes it possible for builders to deliver decentralized social applications at massive scale. Blockchains typically have volatile, high transaction costs that become prohibitively expensive at the frequency required for social networking. Frequency solves this problem with a revolutionary pricing model in which builders reserve replenishing transaction capacity at a predictable, low cost.

Frequency is designed to support the scaling of the Social Web, an evolution of the internet in which core social networking functionality is integrated within the web itself. The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), released by international nonprofit Project Liberty in 2021, is an open internet protocol designed to be a foundational element of the Social Web. By connecting to DSNP over Frequency, applications can cost-effectively deliver Web3 features to large, established user bases while tapping into the compounding network effects of the universal, shared social graph enabled by DSNP.


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