Mowilex receives a fifth consecutive CarbonNeutral® company certification, extending its commitment to Indonesia's carbon reduction targets

Key news highlights:

  • Mowilex, the first manufacturer in Indonesia to be certified a CarbonNeutral® company, has earned its fifth consecutive CarbonNeutral® company certification.
  • The company remains committed to cutting carbon emissions and supporting offset projects that advance United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • As a leader in corporate environmental stewardship, Mowilex is supporting Indonesia’s carbon reduction goals.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PT Mowilex Indonesia (Mowilex), a leading producer of premium paints and wood coatings, has received its fifth consecutive CarbonNeutral® certification from Climate Impact Partners. Since becoming Indonesia’s first certified carbon neutral manufacturer in 2019, Mowilex continues expanding its commitment to supporting Indonesia’s targets of using renewable energy for at least 34% of all power generation by 2030 and the country’s goal of reaching net zero carbon by 2060.

To earn CarbonNeutral® company certification, Mowilex commissioned SCS Global Services to calculate its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions according to The CarbonNeutral Protocol. In addition to cutting emissions through major technology and renewable energy investments, Mowilex supports offset projects that follow verified standards and advance several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In March 2023, Mowilex inaugurated a state of the art production plant designed to reduce carbon emissions by up to 7%. Automated power meters and cooling system technologies in the green plant decrease electricity usage by 15%, while skylights and double glass further minimize the electricity used for lighting and air conditioning. Mowilex now operates electric forklifts, which don’t generate emissions like previous diesel versions. The plant’s zero-waste water system processes and cleans sewage water, which is then reused to irrigate green space that covers 37% of the plant grounds.

Additionally, new solar panels at the Mowilex headquarters are expected to cut that facility’s carbon emissions by up to 30%. In November, Mowilex also completed its pledge to plant 50,000 mangrove trees across Indonesia. Though the project didn’t factor into the company’s recent carbon neutral certification, these trees move the Mowilex toward a carbon positive impact. In addition to storing carbon, the mangroves will protect beaches, decrease flood risk and create new wildlife habitat.

Mowilex offsets its unavoidable emissions by supporting renewable energy, biodiversity and responsible community development projects. For example, the company is advancing Indonesia’s clean energy transition by procuring renewable energy credits from the PLN Lahendong Geothermal Project. Mowilex supports the National Solar Power Development Program, which accelerates grid-connected solar projects in India. In recent years, the company has also funded turbines for the Philippines’ Burgos Wind Project, helped to save 65,000 hectares of Bornean orangutan habitat in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, and supported the installation of small-scale biogas plants in 50+ provinces across Vietnam.

This month, Mowilex celebrated its fifth year as a certified CarbonNeutral® company by hosting the Mowilex Carbon Neutral Talk Show 2023. Participants included sustainability experts, environmental activists and academics.

“By investing in carbon reduction efforts, supporting offset programs aligned with our company values, and sharing information with stakeholders and industry peers, Mowilex models how other companies can be environmentally responsible. We are committed to sustainability and quality, and we’re incredibly proud to earn our fifth consecutive CarbonNeutral® company certification from Climate Impact Partners,” says Niko Safavi, CEO of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Mowilex’s milestone five years of carbon neutrality,” says Carolyn Bacchus, Vice President of Client Solutions Climate Impact Partners. “Through our longstanding partnership, Mowilex became the first manufacturer in Indonesia to be certified as a CarbonNeutral® company. Mowilex continues delivering significant climate and sustainable development impacts through emissions reduction projects.”

Mowilex recently launched a voluntary Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report to share its strategies and impact. The 2022 Mowilex ESG Report and the 2022 ESG Intelligence Report, produced with Oxford Business Group, are available at Mowilex website.  

Learn more about Mowilex ESG programs and products at

About PT Mowilex Indonesia

PT Mowilex Indonesia (Mowilex), a subsidiary of Asia Coatings Enterprises, Pte. Ltd., is a leading producer of premium paints and coatings. Since launching the first Indonesian-made, water-based paints in 1970, the company has expanded its commitment to environmental ethics, equality, community and innovation. PT Mowilex is Indonesia’s only certified carbon neutral manufacturer, producing zero and low VOC paints in modern colours, and the company regularly wins awards for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

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