Munch Unveils New Platform Features to Transform Social Media Content Creation

The new features include Platform Safe Zones, Autotitles, Publish Manager among others will empower content professionals to enhance video publishing for social platforms

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Munch, a leading AI-powered automation platform for social media, today introduced a suite of new features designed to meet the needs and challenges of creators, media professionals, businesses and brands in the digital space to elevate the video creation experience. Building on its reputation for innovation, Munch’s latest features include video creation tools and user management capabilities to streamline the workflow, enhance quality and optimize content.

Munch’s new additions fall into three categories: Video Creation which includes Safe Zones, Autotitles, and Direct Publishing to YouTube Shorts. Secondly there is User Management with Publish Manager and New Account Page features. Finally, Clip Extension and Downloading SRT Files fall into enhancing the Overall Experience. Video ״Safe Zones״ allow users to preview clips and see how they appear on social platforms to guarantee interface elements are visible ensuring content stands out and engages audiences. Understanding the importance of context when it comes to engagement, Munch added an Autotitles feature so users can toggle a fixed headline to provide context and improve coherency like setting expectations or teasing upcoming content. Additionally, their Direct Publishing to YouTube feature enables businesses and brands to easily tap into this market. The new integration lets users post directly on YouTube Shorts with relevant titles and tags, simplifying the publishing process and streamlining content distribution.

“In today’s dynamic digital landscape, content creators are scrambling to keep up with the social media content demand, as they face a labor-intensive, costly, and creatively draining process of manually producing content. In the face of these challenges, content professionals are in need of solutions that help streamline the video editing process and make it easier to engage in popular conversations,” said Oren Kandel, CEO and Co-Founder of Munch. “Munch’s new features address the struggles faced by content creators today to provide a faster, simpler way to create high-quality video content, providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly content editing platform on the market today.”

To further improve the publishing experience, Munch’s Publish Manager, will help users take control of their content pipeline by performing quick actions such as exports or edits and sends reminders to publish from one centralized location. Having an enhanced experience is a top priority for Munch which is why they released a Clip Extension feature for its Pro users. This enables them to fine-tune content with precision by extending the content buffer on either side of clips beyond what Munch selected to allow for greater flexibility and control over clip length.

Additional new features announced by Munch that boost user-experience on their platform include:

  • New Account Page: Users can change billing details, download invoices and receipts, change passwords and manage plan-related actions seamlessly.
  • Download SRT Files: Optimizing videos for SEO are easier as users can export clip extractions as SRT files allowing for seamless integrations with social media platforms like YouTube which improves discoverability and enhances video’s search ranking.

Munch’s AI driven platform turns long-form content into engaging and impactful clips for social media. It includes automatic editing, instant and precise subtitle generation, pre-scripted social media posts formulated through advanced technology and caters to a multilingual audience supporting over 20 different languages. Content is clipped and adjusted to always have the action at the center of the frame no matter what social media platform it will be shared on. This approach ensures a global reach for businesses looking to amplify the impact of social media strategy. Munch recently released its annual State of Short-Form Video report which provides insights for businesses’ optimal use of short-form content marketing strategies to maintain a robust social media presence.

About Munch

Munch is a cutting-edge automation platform to help businesses maximize their ROI on social media content. Leveraging AI, Munch effortlessly turns lengthy videos into bite-sized compelling clips for social media that engage audiences and keep brands at the forefront of digital trends. The company empowers content professionals to seamlessly produce content that aligns with today’s evolving media landscape. Founded in 2021 by Oren Kandel and Peter Naftaliev, Munch is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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