NewbornTown 2022 Chronicle: Footprints around the World

HONG KONG, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Part 1. Global Performances

1. Yumy’s downloads exceeding 50 million 

As of January 2022, Yumy, a social product of NewbornTown, has accumulated over 50 million downloads, scored 4.9 on Google Play, and received more than 50,000 user evaluations worldwide. It has entered the list of top 10 best-selling social apps on Google Play in 47 countries/regions.

2. MICO holding the Annual Ceremony of MENA region

In February 2022, MICO, a social networking platform of NewbornTown, held its Annual Ceremony in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. At the event, MICO presented annual awards to content creators and cooperative partners. Hundreds of MICO MENA users and popular live-streamers dressed up to attend. All proceeds from the event were used for local charities.

3. MICO Thailand releasing its theme song

In February 2022, MICO Thailand officially released its theme song TUK KRUB. The famous Thai band Lipta created the music and lyrics of the song, while the Rap part was done by the popular Thai singer GUYGEEGEE. The theme song attracted lots of attention from the young generation in Thailand and created a craze on local social media.

4. Holding the Social 3.0 Metaverse Conference

In March 2022, NewbornTown held the Social 3.0 Metaverse Conference in Beijing. LI Ping, CEO of NewbornTown, shared the Company’s panoramic layout and vision in Metaverse.

5. Holding media gathering in Egypt

In April 2022, NewbornTown held the first social networking industry media gathering in Egypt, inviting dozens of mainstream media to attend. The Company introduced its products and practices for promoting local development. The gathering aimed to help the local society form a positive understanding of the social networking industry, and promote the development of the industry.

6. MICO Vietnam releasing its theme song

In September 2022, MICO Vietnam released its theme song “M.I.C.O SI MÊ”, which was composed and sung by popular Vietnamese musicians. The music video for the song was directed by the famous local production team FILMCITI, and all performers in the music video were content creators from MICO.

7. Presenting MICO mascot to the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

In September 2022, NewbornTown Thailand team representatives were invited to attend an industry summit, discussing the development of the digital economy and Internet social industry in local society. Thailand government officials attended the summit. The Company’s representatives presented a MICO mascot dressed in Chinese characteristics to the Deputy Prime Minister.

8. MICO JAPAN holding the first content creators’ gathering

In November 2022, MICO JAPAN’s first content creators’ offline gathering successfully concluded at MICO Live Mall in Osaka, Japan. Many of MICO JAPAN’s top content creators gathered for the event, sharing their creative experiences and insights. The MICO operation team presented awards to outstanding creators.

9. Holding MICO Philippine Gala Night

In December 2022, the first MICO Philippines Gala Night was held in Manila. The event was attended by MICO Philippine’s top content creators, and graced by famous actresses and influencers. Mr. Isko Moreno, the previous PH presidency candidate and the Mayor of Manila, also acknowledged the event. At the gala night, MICO Philippines team presented awards to the outstanding content creators of the year.

Part 2. Charity Activities

1. Donating anti-epidemic materials to Hong Kong

In March 2022, NewbornTown donated anti-epidemic materials to Hong Kong, including 100 boxes of antigen test kits for COVID-19, 10 boxes of N95 protective masks and medicines. The materials were received by the Hong Kong General Association of International Investment and soon were given to those in need. The materials were donated by the Company and employees, with a total value of over HK$1 million.

2. Holding public welfare activities during Ramadan in the MENA region

In April 2022, NewbornTown held public welfare activities during Ramadan in the MENA region. The Company cooperated with the Egyptian Food Bank and provided food supplies to residents in poverty, including over 300 cartons of food and over 700 hot meals, calling for care for vulnerable groups of society.

3. Caring for children with cancer in the MENA region

In May 2022, NewbornTown launched a public welfare activity caring for children with cancer in the MENA region. During the activity, YoHo, a social product of NewbornTown, launched Charity Room on the app to popularize children’s cancer prevention measures, and to call for donations to the 57357 Children Cancer Hospital in Egypt.

4. Donating to the African Refugee Children’s School

In May 2022, before International Children’s Day, NewbornTown, together with other Chinese-funded enterprises in Egypt, went to the African Hope Learning Centre, an African refugee school in Egypt, to present books, stationery, children’s masks, and other gifts to the children.

5. Donating teaching materials to a rural school in poverty

In October 2022, NewbornTown donated printers and other materials to Bakeshiying Central School in Luanping County, Hebei Province, to alleviate the shortage of teaching materials.

Part 3. Honors and Awards

1. “ESG Care Prize” of InnoESG Prize

In January 2022, the InnoESG Prize 2021 Award Ceremony and ESG Forum were held in Hong Kong, China. NewbornTown won the ESG Care Prize.

2. “Best Small and Mid-Cap Company” and “Best CEO” of Golden Hong Kong Stock

In January 2022, the 2022 Global Investment Trend Forum and the 6th Golden Hong Kong Stock Awards Ceremony, hosted by Zhitong Financial, were held in Shenzhen. NewbornTown won the “Best Small and Mid-Cap Company”, and CEO LI Ping of the Company won the “Best CEO”.

3. “Top 30 New Stocks List” by Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Research Centre

In March 2022, the 2021 Hong Kong Listed Companies Development Summit Forum, and the 9th Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Awards Ceremony were held in Hong Kong, hosted by Top 100 Hong Kong Listed Companies Research Centre and co-organized by Finet, Hong Kong Investor Relations Association, etc. At the event, NewbornTown was included in the “Top 30 New Stocks List”.

4. “Top 10 Overseas Investment of Chinese Innovative Enterprises” by CCG

Recently, the “Blue Book of Chinese Enterprises Globalization: Report on Chinese Enterprises Globalization (2021-2022)”, jointly researched and compiled by the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and the Institute of Development Studies of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, was officially released. NewbornTown was included in the list of “Top 10 Overseas Investment of Chinese Innovative Enterprises in 2020-2021”.

5. “Outstanding Going-global Pan-entertainment Enterprises of the Year” of 2022 Golden Sail Award

In June 2022, the 2022 Golden Sail Awards Ceremony was held at the 2022 PAGC (Product and Growth Conference). NewbornTown won the “Outstanding Going-global Pan-Entertainment Enterprises of the Year”.

6. Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure recommended by Google Play

In August 2022, Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure, a self-developed mobile game in the merge genre by NewbornTown, was recommended by the Google Play Store in countries of the U.S., South Korea, etc.

7. “Data-Driven – Best Innovative Game Company” of the Golden Data Award

In September 2022, the “Data-Driven Game Conference 2022”, jointly organized by Thinking Data and a game media Game Grapes, was held in Beijing. NewbornTown won the “Data-Driven – Best Innovative Game Company” at the 2022 Golden Data Awards ceremony.

8. Tech4SDG Excellent Cases of Science and Technology Promoting SDGs Awards 2022

In September 2022, NewbornTown was awarded the Excellent Cases of Science and Technology Promoting SDGs Awards 2022 by Technology for Sustainable Development Goals Alliance for Aisa (Tech4SDG). The alliance highly recognized the Company’s efforts and achievements in science and technology successfully facilitating employment.

9. The China 30 Youth Shapers for Globalization of 2022 by EqualOcean

In October, 2022 EqualOcean Summit for Globalization was held in Shanghai, releasing the list of The China 30 Youth Shapers for Globalization of 2022. As a representative of globalization entrepreneurs, LI Ping, CEO of NewbornTown, was included in the list.

10. “Top 100 Going-global Enterprises in 2022” by Internet Weekly of Chinese Academy of Sciences

In November 2022, Deben Consulting, eNet Research Institute, and Internet Weekly jointly released the “Top 100 Going-global Enterprises in 2022” list. NewbornTown was included in the list with its global and localized social product matrix.

11. “Top 50 Going-global Chinese Brand Value” by iResearch

In November 2022, iResearch and Meetsocial Group jointly released the “MeetBrands Going-global Chinese Brand Value Report”. NewbornTown entered the list of “Top 50 Going-global Chinese Brand Value” in the report.

12. “Best ESG Award” by Zhitong Financial

In December 2022, the 7th Zhitong Financial Listed Companies Awards Ceremony was held in Hangzhou. NewbornTown received the “Best ESG Award” for its positive performance in practicing corporate social responsibility.

13. “Investors’ Most Watched Listed Company 2022” by Huashengtong

In December 2022, NewbornTown was awarded “Investors’ Most Watched Listed Company 2022” by Huashengtong, a stock trading information platform, at the annual Huashengtong Community Awards. This marks the recognition of the Company’s business and performance development from the capital market.

Part 4. Media Coverage

1. Bloomberg Businessweek reporting social apps of NewbornTown

In March 2022, the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek published an article in the 3rd issue of 2022, titled “Chinese Social APPs Making Roads into the MENA Region”. The article covered NewbornTown as one of the companies that made Chinese social products popular in the MENA region and brought positive changes to the locals’ lives.

2. China Daily reporting NewbornTown’s development in the MENA region 

In May 2022, China Daily published an article entitled “Social apps big hit in overseas markets”, saying that Chinese online social products were enriching people’s lives in the MENA region, and introducing NewbornTown’s development in this market. 

3. Nikkei, the mainstream media of Japan, reporting Yumy’s fast growth in global markets

In August 2022, Nikkei, one of Japan’s most influential media, reported the rapid development of social products from Chinese companies such as NewbornTown in the global markets. According to the report, these social apps from China may have the potential to sweep the world.

4. Overseas edition of People’s Daily reporting NewbornTown

In September 2022, the overseas edition of People’s Daily published an article entitled Apps go global to create digital “Chinese style”. The article mentioned that apps from China were becoming an indispensable part of the daily lives of global netizens, and spoke highly of social apps by NewbornTown that were popular all over the world.

5. China Central Television (CCTV) program Topics in Focus reporting NewbornTown

In October 2022, CCTV program Topics in Focus launched a series of reports entitled “Answers of the Ten Years”, which showcased China’s developments and achievements in a variety of major fields in the past decade. The special report “The Belt and Road, Advancing Together”, one of the series, reported Chinese enterprises such as NewbornTown’s deep participation in the development and construction of countries along the Belt and Road.

Part 5. Capital Activities

1. Strategic investment from Singapore sovereign wealth fund 

In January 2022, NewbornTown raised approximately HK$350 million from GIC (Singapore sovereign wealth fund), Keywise Capital and Yong Rong Asset as strategic investors, by placing existing shares and subscribing to new shares. The fund will be used to develop social networking and gaming businesses, and seek strategic alliances, investments and acquisitions.

2. Taking part in the going-private transaction of BlueCity

In January 2022, NewbornTown announced to inject capital of US$50 million to jointly establish a fund, taking part in the going-private transaction of BlueCity. In August, BlueCity announced the completion of the merger and would cease to be a publicly traded company from NASDAQ. The fund injected by NewbornTown will be the controlling shareholder.

3. The Chairman purchasing a total of 0.9 million shares

In May 2022, Mr. LIU Chunhe, the Chairman of NewbornTown, cumulatively purchased a total of 0.9 million shares of NewbornTown through his wholly-owned company Spriver Tech Limited and has undertaken that such shares shall not be disposed of for 36 months. Mr. LIU is confident about the prospects of the Company, and he may consider further increasing his shareholding in the Company in due course.

4. Purchasing approximately HK$15 million of the Company’s shares from the market

In June 2022, NewbornTown appointed RSU Trustee to purchase 5.154 million of the Company’s shares in total from the market, with total consideration reaching approximately HK$15 million. The purchases were granted under the RSU Award Scheme. The Board believed in the long-term incremental potential of the Company.

5. Top asset management institutions increasing holdings in NewbornTown

In 2022, top asset management institutions increased holdings in NewbornTown, including Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P., Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo & Co.LLC, Wilshire Advisors LLC, Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc., etc.

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