NOVOSENSE capacitive isolation technology to easily address power challenges

SHANGHAI, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to the Digital Isolator Market With COVID-19 Impact Analysis Global Forecast to 2026 of Markets and Markets, the market share of digital isolator products of NOVOSENSE has been increased in three consecutive years. NOVOSENSE’s isolation chip is based on capacitive coupling technology, using its patented Adaptive OOK® coding technology, with low EMI radiation and low bit error rate, which can effectively improve the isolation device’s ability of common–mode transient immunity (CMTI).

All electrical products involve power supply, and the common power supply includes voltage regulated power supply, switching power supply, inverter power supply, variable frequency power supply, and uninterruptible power supply. Most power supplies require isolation devices to ensure equipment and personal safety. Because of the different isolation technology used, the isolation effect is also different. Therefore, the choice of isolation products should promote the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, so as to achieve the best system performance as far as possible.

NOVOSENSE has a wide range of isolation products, including digital isolators, isolated drivers, isolated voltage/current amplifiers, isolated CAN transceivers. In terms of drivers, whether it is MOS, IGBT or SiC, NOVOSENSE has corresponding isolation products. In terms of sampling, it has both analog output isolated operational amplifier and digital output isolated ADC, which can meet the requirements of sampling rate and sampling accuracy in different application scenarios. In terms of interfaces, NOVOSENSE has a wealth of isolated I2C interfaces, and RS485 or CAN interface products, which can provide a one-stop solution for customers’ power supply design.


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