Orodata Science Launches COVID19 Vaccine Tracker

Orodata Science sets another significant milestone with the launch of its vaccine tracker, “Orodata Covid19 Vaccine Tracker” driven towards achieving equitable economic recovery by improving access to data.

COVID-19 precipitated a global economic crisis, and even as wealthier nations are bouncing back, it is creating a great divergence between them and the rest of the world.

According to Oxfam International, it threatens “the biggest rise in inequality…”

The long-term negative economic and social impacts of the pandemic are predicted to cause even more long-term damage in the developing world such as lower earnings, fewer jobs, poorer health, and more deaths among those already hardest hit.

The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably highlighted the need for data and the value of models to inform response strategies.

It further illustrated that anticipatory action is no longer a conjectured idea but rather a framework upon which the protection of the most vulnerable populations can be built.

The pandemic reinforced a global demand for the use of data, most especially the tools of predictive analytics to anticipate and predict what would happen and to activate response mechanisms earlier.

“We built the vaccine tracker to support evidence-based research, towards the understanding of the economic, social, and political impacts of the pandemic; to enable the development of policy responses to deal with the aftermath, towards sustained equitable economic recovery. The platform extensively highlights government’s commitment to funding the health sector, vaccine procurement and administration, and the issues surrounding equitable distribution of health resources in Nigeria”, Blaise Aboh, theExecutive Director of Orodata Science.

The Orodata Vaccine Tracker serves as an epidemic forecasting tool through which stakeholders can garner deep insights into the depth of the outbreak, especially the vaccination administration efforts of government and allied actors.

It incorporates different vulnerability indices to provide cognizance of the size of the crisis and the pre-existing challenges, at not just the national but sub-national levels.

It is a tool that provides decision-makers with the capability to anticipate, predict, plan, and manage resources during a pandemic.

The vaccine tracker aggregates and features data in different formats which include Data by Map, Data by Sector and Data by State.

The Data by Map feature provides data on the Covid19 vaccine administered in all 36 states. The data presented on a map is differentiated by a spectrum of colours showing the areas where the vaccination rate is low, moderate and high. T

he Data by Sector feature provides data on different sectors such as health, demography, economy and governance among others.

It shows a graphical representation of a broad range of data with the use of data visualizations such as Bar chart, Column chart, Line chart, Area chart, Stacked Line chart and more.

The Data by State feature does not just provide data on the number of Covid19 cases reported across the country, it also shows data on crucial economic metrics relating to each state in Nigeria, think of it as a one-stop-shop for visualized data from credible agencies such as the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The Orodata Covid19 Vaccine Tracker is supported by Africa Data Hub (ADH), a platform that seeks to support and promote quality access to information, data-driven journalism to facilitate evidence-based decision-making about the pandemic across the continent.

Achieving equitable economic recovery is key to long-term growth that’s sustainable, socially inclusive and resilient. With improved access to data, governments and institutions will be able to accurately plan, fund and evaluate development activities.

The Orodata COVID19 vaccine tracker would provide individuals, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the media with data and insights that can be leveraged to improve awareness on topics related to the Covid19 outbreak and vaccine administration.

It will undeniably enable citizens to demand more effective resource governance using information available on the platform.

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