Finger sweat can power wearable medical sensors 24 hours a day

By Matthew Sparkes Finger sweat can now power small medical sensors Lu Yin Small biofuel cells can harvest enough energy from the sweat on a person’s fingertips to power wearable medical sensors that track health and nutrition – and because our fingertips are one of the sweatiest parts of the body, the sensors could be … Read more

MNP patent holder, Kenny Acholonu, canvasses protection of patents to boost science in Nigeria

Patent Dr Kenny Acholonu

Dr Kenny Acholonu, a quadruple patent holder, has called on regulatory agencies and players in the Nigerian scientific community covering medical, pharmaceutical, and most importantly nutritional products to ensure recognition and protection of intellectual property rights and thereby encourage innovation even as he commended regulatory agencies pushing for enhanced utilisation of patented micronutrient formulations. Acholonu … Read more

GitHub’s programming AI may be reusing code without permission

By Matthew Sparkes Writing code could be easier with an AI assistant Shutterstock/Monstar Studio A Microsoft-owned tool powered by artificial intelligence is designed to make life easier for programmers, but some developers say it may be repurposing some of the billions of lines of code it was trained on without permission. The tool, called CoPilot, … Read more