China beats Google to claim the world’s most powerful quantum computer

By Matthew Sparkes The Zuchongzhi quantum computer University of Science and Technology of China/ A team in China has demonstrated that it has the world’s most powerful quantum computer, leapfrogging the previous record holder, Google. Jian-Wei Pan at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei and his colleagues say their quantum computer … Read more

SpaceX produces only 5,000 Starlink dishes per week

SpaceX is reportedly churning out only 5,000 Starlink dishes each week for the satellite internet service. But the company is preparing to boost manufacturing later this year to help meet the massive consumer demand. SpaceX CFO Bret Johnsen revealed the manufacturing numbers during Tuesday’s Satellite 2021 conference in Maryland, according to reporters in attendance.  Tweet … Read more

​Two Nigerians among shortlisted for $1,000,000 Global Teacher prize 2021

Global Teacher Prize

Two Nigerian teachers named in the top 50 shortlist for us $1 million global teacher prize 2021 AND Three Nigerian students named in the top 50 shortlist for $100,000 global student prize. Olusegun Adeniyi, who teaches art at Caleb British International School, Lagos, Nig​​eria, and Adeola Adefemi, who teaches English language at Oke-Odo Senior … Read more

Streamlined JPEG XL images could cut global data use by 30 per cent

By Matthew Sparkes A tweak to the JPEG image format could save a huge amount of global bandwidth Alexander Spatari/Getty Images Improvements to the ubiquitous JPEG image format used across the internet will bring global bandwidth savings of 30 per cent, say the creators of the new technology, who have made it royalty-free. The JPEG … Read more