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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter of 2023, Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD) experienced a bearish price trend, primarily influenced by diminishing demand from downstream Dyes and Cosmetics enterprises. Traders, recognizing the weak spot market trend, refrained from increasing their offers and bids to enhance profit margins. Instead, they opted to provide discounts on bulk purchases of the commodity. Concurrently, ample supplies from China played a pivotal role in driving down the price trend for PPD. The reduction in raw material prices for Aniline and Nitrobenzene further supported the overall market trend. Producers, in response to the risk of oversupply, curtailed production rates. The resulting feeble demand from downstream enterprises led to sufficient inventories, contributing to the downward price trend. Slower consumption of existing inventories obviated the need for restocking, consequently reducing the number of cargo shipments from China to the USA.

Asia Pacific

In the third quarter of 2023, the market price of Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD) declined to USD 2560/MT (FOB-Qingdao). In response to the market conditions, exporters lowered their quotations to clear inventories for forthcoming fresh stocks. Simultaneously, the price trends of feedstocks Aniline and Nitrobenzene decreased due to low demand from downstream Dyes and Cosmetics markets. The decline in commodity prices stemmed from ample supply and weak domestic demand, prompting producers to reduce production rates. Domestic buyers, aligning with declining demand from the Hair Dyes and Cosmetics markets, refrained from purchasing the product. The operating rate for the commodity also declined, indicative of the bearish market situation with a narrow spread between end products and feedstocks.

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During the third quarter ending in September 2023, the price trend of Para Phenylene Diamine (PPD) in the European market experienced a decline. The reduction in prices in the upstream Aniline and Nitrobenzene markets negatively impacted the market value of PPD. Decreased production costs significantly contributed to the lower prices of the commodity. Diminished demand from the downstream Hair Dyes and Cosmetics sector resulted in decreased consumption of existing inventories. With sufficient inventories in storage units, suppliers opted to decline offers and bids while providing discounts on bulk purchases to clear inventories for upcoming fresh stocks. The demand from downstream sectors was met by existing inventories, eliminating the need to restock the commodity. To avoid oversupply, the production rate of the commodity was reduced.

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