Quantzig Empowered a Leading USA Retailer with Strategic Analytics, Driving Unprecedented Growth

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quantzig, a global data analytics and strategic consulting firm, is proud to announce its successful collaboration with a prominent USA retailer in optimizing its business strategies through the power of strategic analytics. Leveraging data-driven insights, our team enabled the client to navigate complex market dynamics, achieve enhanced customer engagement, and drive unparalleled growth in the highly competitive retail landscape.

The retailer was facing numerous challenges in an ever-evolving market. Stagnating revenue growth and decreasing customer footfall were among the top concerns. The company grappled with limited insights into customer behavior and preferences, resulting in suboptimal product assortments and marketing efforts. They couldn’t understand their competitor’s moves and lacked insights into price sensitivity in various product categories, leading to decreased revenue growth and suboptimal pricing strategies. 

In response to these challenges, Quantzig’s strategic analytics team embarked on a comprehensive data analysis journey. We implemented competitor promotion tracking to identify competitor tactics and anticipate market trends effectively. By leveraging customer transaction data, market trends, and competitor insights, our team performed customer segmentation to identify valuable microsegments. With this approach, the client gained a deeper understanding of their customer’s preferences, enabling personalized marketing campaigns and targeted promotions. 

The above initiatives resulted in:

  • 16% increase in customer responsiveness 
  • 6% increase in MROI with the same marketing investment 
  • 12% boost to overall revenue from new customers 
  • 5% increase in revenue of new categories from existing customers through cross-selling 

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About Quantzig:

Quantzig is a global analytics and business intelligence solution provider. It turns clients’ complex, unstructured data into intelligent, actionable insights that enable them to solve complex business problems and inspire innovation, change, and growth.  

Over the past 17 years, our insights have helped over 120 clients, including 55 Fortune 500 companies, spanning industries and sectors like Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Retail and CPG, Food and Beverage, and more. We have successfully delivered 1500 in-depth solutions in areas like Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, and more.   

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