Racing's Newest Bad Boy Josh Williams and wife TikTok Star Trazia Rae Weather The Storm

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Most couples come home to a mess and a discussion about what to eat for dinner but not this one.  NASCAR’s hottest commodity Josh Williams (josh6williams) and his rock star creator wife, Trazia Rae (@traziarae) have a very different story. Both came home with a scolding from the sports’ governing body and it electrified the fan base for both. Trazia Rae, a food, DIYer, thrifter, and gardening creator with well over two million female followers, supported her husband through one of the boldest moves ever performed in sports.

Athletes get frustrated all the time. Bad calls, close encounters, and beef with authority are the trademark of any professional sport.  But Josh Williams took it to the edge last weekend. At the Atlanta Georgia Xfinity race, he was told to park his CoolRay Chevy because tape flew off his car.  In protest and in disbelief, Williams drove to the start/finish line, parked his car, and got out. He walked through the infield and sent heart signs to fans all over the world that identified with Josh.

Ask yourself, what was your worst day on the job and what would you have loved to do? William’s took a stand and did what he felt was right. That didn’t come without consequence as  he was suspended from this weekend’s race. 

Williams will never go back to just being a driver as he is now the “Paul Bunyan” of racing.   With his wife in attendance, they stood side by side and said no matter what, “we are going to stick together through this firestorm”.  And to the thrill of tens of millions of sports and non-sports fans, Josh and Trazia are one of the hottest trending items on social media.

With Josh’s platform of choice being Twitter and Trazia loving TikTok and Instagram,  it’s a modern-day digital Romeo and Juliet story.  Both are highly sought after spokespeople and have extensive resumes working with brands. Together they have formed, “Trackside with Trazia” where the duo go tracks and create outdoor cooking content, behind-the-scenes footage, and so much more.  

Trazia Rae’s agent Evan Morgenstein saw something special in the concept. “I will never forget the call when Trazia blurted out that she wanted to create a series called “trackside with trazia” featuring content of her cooking trackside traveling to different tracks and just showing the good ole race life”.  Brands will love it. She continued to say that she would purchase an RV to travel in so her cats and baby goats could come on the road too.  Brands are looking for something far more significant than just social media posts and Josh and Trazia provide that every week from a track in America!”

To work with Trazia on Trackside with Trazia or other opportunities, contact Evan Morgenstein CEO of The Digital Renegades

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