RAYUS Radiology Introduces New State-of-the-Art CT Scanner Utilizing Photon-Counting Technology

  • Innovative new medical imaging technology allows for important breakthroughs in image resolution
  • Significantly lowers radiation dosage to levels that were previously impossible with conventional CT scanners
  • Offers the potential to increase diagnostic imaging access for a broad variety of patient types
  • A first for the South Florida community

MINNEAPOLIS, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RAYUS Radiology, a leading national provider of advanced diagnostic and interventional medical imaging services, has bolstered its line of high-end imaging technology solutions with the installation of the new NAEOTOM Alpha® CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers at its Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location – the first CT scanner of its kind serving patients in South Florida.

Photon-counting CT will allow a broader range of access for RAYUS patients and treating physicians to cardiac scanning.

The new NAEOTOM Alpha is distinct from conventional computed tomography (CT) scanners. It utilizes cutting-edge photon-counting technology to deliver drastic improvements in image resolution and contrast, which can lead to earlier detection and greater clarity in diagnosis. It also allows for a reduction in radiation dose to the patient of up to 45% for ultra-high resolution scans compared to conventional detectors.

These advancements will provide numerous benefits for RAYUS patients and their treating physicians. Photon-counting CT will allow a broader range of patients access to cardiac scanning, even those who might not be candidates for conventional scans. Patients with a large amount of calcified plaque, prior stents or mechanical valves are often difficult to image. The NAEOTOM Alpha allows for greater clarity in these circumstances. In addition, reduction in the radiation dose will allow for more regular scans of oncology patients, which can be crucial to monitoring disease progression and treatment response. Increased scan speeds will mean a smoother, more pleasant overall experience for every RAYUS patient.

“Photon-counting CT is the future of CT, and the NAEOTOM Alpha is the state of the art,” said Jonathan Wiener, M.D., board-certified, subspecialized radiologist, and Director of MRI for RAYUS Radiology in Southeast Florida. “The improvements in spatial resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and spectral imaging mean enhanced diagnostic precision across almost every clinical field, offering our radiologists the flexibility they need to ensure optimal imaging results for all their patients. The NAEOTOM Alpha joins the vast array of advanced technology offered by RAYUS to patients throughout Palm Beach County.”

Developed and manufactured by Siemens Healthineers, the NAEOTOM Alpha was cleared for clinical use in the United States and Europe September 30th 2021. As a national leader in advanced diagnostic imaging, RAYUS Radiology is proud to be the first patient-oriented institution in South Florida to bring the NAEOTOM Alpha photon-counting CT to the community it serves.

“The NAEOTOM Alpha from Siemens Healthineers represents a major step forward in CT technology and for RAYUS’ industry-leading imaging services line,” said Kim Tzoumakas, Chief Executive Officer at RAYUS Radiology. “Our company is committed to seeking out and implementing new and innovative solutions that enhance patients’ clinical experience and outcomes when undergoing diagnostic imaging.”

About RAYUS Radiology 

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