Scribe Launches Scribe AI: A Revolutionary Way to Automate Business Documentation

The viral productivity app now fully automates the most dreaded part of work: documentation.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Scribe, the leading productivity app for sharing process guides, has unveiled its latest innovation: Scribe AI, the first AI tool that completely automates process documentation. With Scribe AI, any company can quickly and easily capture all of its procedural knowledge and make it available to anyone, all within the flow of work.

Scribe AI is the first tool to generate process documents for your company’s unique operations.

Traditionally, most company knowledge resides within the minds of employees, leading to a time-consuming and manual documentation process. Studies show that top-performing employees spend an average of 12 hours each week helping colleagues. With Scribe AI, showing others how to do processes becomes easy and automatic. The tool enables all employees to learn how to use your company’s tools and technology, while ensuring that your customers know how to use your products.

“By launching Scribe AI, we’re fulfilling our promise to over 500,000 customers that sharing how-to should be easy and automatic,” said Jennifer Smith, CEO of Scribe. “Scribe AI uses generative AI to create company-specific processes tailored to your unique business needs and clients. It’s the SOP, help center, wiki and onboarding guide that writes itself.”

Scribe AI is the first tool to generate process documents for your company’s unique operations. It can create step-by-step guides for simple processes (“How to add an account to Salesforce”) and build detailed process documents (“Overview of Sales Processes at Acme Co”) in under a minute. Business documentation – once a dreaded and highly manual process – can now be completed at the click of a button with Scribe AI.

Scribe is the first AI tool to combine your company-specific processes with generative text, writing the playbook on making AI work for your unique business. With Scribe AI, every company can automate its business documentation, making capturing and sharing knowledge easier. This new tool allows organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively, all while streamlining their business processes.

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About Scribe

Scribe was founded in 2019 by Jennifer Smith and Aaron Podolny with the mission to make sharing how-to fast and easy. Since then, Scribe has become the standard way to create and share step-by-step guides at over 500,000 organizations. Scribe has raised $30M and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. 

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