SinglePoint Inc. Subsidiary, BPA Solutions, Encourages Schools to Consider Importance of Clean Air, Strategic Policies as Students Start New Semester

  • Schools taking action to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Improved IAQ has a significant impact on the academic performance of students
  • BPA Solutions offers services and products to help schools enact IAQ strategies

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SinglePoint Inc.’s subsidiary, BPA Solutions, recognizes the potential for schools to promote healthier learning environments through better indoor air quality as students and staff return for the start of the new semester. Improving the quality of indoor air (IAQ) within school facilities as soon as possible can promote healthier breathing and improved cognitive function, result in higher test scores, diminish illness triggers, and reduce overall absenteeism. 

School buildings are often some of the most populated facilities in the nation, with four times as many people indoors as other spaces with similar floor plans. As such, buildings with inadequate ventilation and filtration methods, as well as little purification technology, can become breeding grounds for air pollutants such as mold, particulates, and infectious diseases. These pollutants can exacerbate conditions such as allergies and asthma, affecting nearly 1 in 13 school children and becoming a leading source of school absenteeism. Despite their physical development, minors are more susceptible to changes within their air environments; Bettering IAQ is an investment in protecting student health and building more comfortable academic settings.

To achieve awareness of IAQ and strategies that promote clean indoor air, the federal government has provided various resources for school officials to access. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has compiled the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit to give guidelines and management plans that can help improve indoor air quality in schools. Congress has approved billions through the American Rescue Plan, ESSER funds, and the ARP EANS program to enable upgrades and systemwide modifications for school buildings. On average, school buildings are about 50 years old, and with their HVAC systems often reflecting their age, IAQ improvements are necessary and valuable. 

Students and staff, returning from winter break, should be able to fully engage in learning that is underpinned by fundamental and positive changes to their air environments; this is particularly done by improving methods of ventilation and filtration as well as the use of portable air purification units. These upgrades can clean the air of spores, smoke, exhaust fumes, and airborne diseases like COVID-19. Increasing learning, attention, and performance should be an immediate priority for any school system.

As a premier provider of healthy solutions and a clean air consultant, BPA Solutions can help school districts navigate government funding, IAQ protection plans, and related products to provide clean air throughout school buildings. Thus far, the Company has supplied thousands of units through multiple states and worked with schools to obtain federal and state funding. Over $121 billion are currently available to schools through publicly funded programs to improve indoor air quality, safety, and ventilation.  

BPA Solutions can be a cooperative partner in schools’ processes to identify, analyze, manage, and solve issues dealing with indoor air quality within an academic infrastructure. 

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