Spectrum Dynamics Medical and Kromek Group plc announce the introduction of the world's first digital SPECT/CT scanner using Kromek digital detectors for higher sensitivity and throughput.

Based on Spectrum Dynamics digital SPECT/CT platform, VERITON-CT 400 Series’ detector technology provides the benefits of increased sensitivity and throughput for Nuclear Medicine clinical applications using up to 400keV high-energy isotopes.  

SARASOTA, Fla, Oct. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spectrum Dynamics Medical, a global leader in digital Nuclear Medicine SPECT and SPECT/CT scanners, and Kromek Group plc, a leading developer of high-performance detectors based on cadmium zinc telluride (CZT), today announced the integration of Kromek CZT detectors in Spectrum digital SPECT/CT products, the VERITON-CT 400 series.

VERITON-CT 400 Series, the World’s first digital SPECT/CT capable of high-energy imaging in Nuclear Medicine

CZT is transforming the detector technology used in medical imaging leading to shorter scan times, lower radiation dose to the patient, and improved image quality and quantitative accuracy.

Kromek’s high-performance digital detectors, combined with Spectrum’s 360-degree, wide-bore SPECT/CT scanner and its advanced image reconstruction algorithms, increase the energy range up to 400 keV to support the throughput demand of current and new emerging nuclear medicine clinical applications.

The 400 Series digital detector technology sets new standards with a 2-4 times improvement in energy range, system sensitivity, and energy resolution. These improvements will significantly shorten the scan times associated with current analog or state-of-the-art digital technology.

“Clinical users across the world provide us with feedback on the Nuclear Medicine challenges they face,” said Spectrum Dynamics’ CEO, Gilad Yoeli. “Providing the technology to address such challenges is what drives us.

The increased sensitivity, improved energy resolution, and broader energy range of Kromek’s detector technology make it the right choice for the 400 Series and the advanced imaging and quantitative accuracy clinical users ask for.”

“We are delighted that our CZT detectors have been integrated into Spectrum Dynamics’ VERITON-CT 400 SPECT/CT systems. This enables enhanced image quality and breakthrough clinical capabilities in digital SPECT/CT,” said Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek Group plc. “Spectrum Dynamics has long been at the forefront of developing next-generation SPECT/CT scanners to deliver better patient outcomes, and we are pleased to be part of this significant advance in nuclear medical imaging technology.”

For additional information:

Contact for information at Spectrum Dynamics Medical: Nilda Rivera  NildaR@spectrum-dynamics.com  +1 941-441-6224

Contact for information at Kromek Group plc: Steph Addison Steph.Addison@kromek.com +44 1740 62 6091

About Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Spectrum Dynamics Medical Group Limited and its subsidiaries (“Spectrum Dynamics”) are engaged in developing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing state-of-the-art nuclear medicine imaging systems. Spectrum Dynamics is spearheading the transformation of SPECT imaging systems from analog to digital detection technology, enabling hospitals and clinicians to provide superior healthcare services with improved image quality, efficiency, and access to advanced clinical applications. Spectrum Dynamics launched the world’s first digital cardiac dedicated SPECT system – the D-SPECT® CARDIO – in 2007. Since then, the D-SPECT has become the system of choice for functional cardiac imaging, with hundreds of systems sold worldwide. In 2018, Spectrum Dynamics launched its multipurpose VERITON® and the VERITON-CT® SPECT/CT, the first ring-based 360 CZT digital SPECT/CT scanner.

About Kromek Group plc

Kromek Group plc is a leading developer of radiation detection and bio-detection technology solutions for the advanced imaging and CBRN detection segments. Headquartered in County Durham, UK, Kromek has manufacturing operations in the UK and US, delivering on the vision of enhancing the quality of life through innovative detection technology solutions. The advanced imaging segment comprises the medical (including CT and SPECT), security and industrial markets. Kromek provides its OEM customers with detector components, based on its core cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) platform, to enable better detection of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, contamination in industrial manufacture and explosives in aviation settings. In CBRN detection, the Group provides nuclear radiation detection solutions to the global homeland defence and security market. Kromek’s compact, handheld, high-performance radiation detectors, based on advanced scintillation technology, are primarily used to protect critical infrastructure and urban environments from the threat of ‘dirty bombs’. The Group is also developing bio-security solutions in the CBRN detection segment. These consist of fully automated and autonomous systems to detect a wide range of airborne pathogens. Kromek is listed on AIM, a market of the London Stock Exchange, under the trading symbol ‘KMK’. Further information is available at www.kromek.com

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