Televerde Foundation Launches Redesigned Website That Uplifts the Visitor Experience

Redesigned website elevates the power of storytelling with a sleek new design that takes visitors on a journey from incarceration to reentry.

PHOENIX, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Televerde Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides personal and professional development opportunities to currently and formerly incarcerated women so they can attain meaningful and rewarding careers upon release, today announced the launch of the company’s redesigned, future-ready website. The modern design is a combination of different elements that work together to create an inviting, simple, easy-to-navigate, and aesthetically pleasing digital experience:

“Our goal was to create a digital learning experience that is easy to navigate and provides visitors with a simple way to discover more about our mission and why we all need to care about and support reentry programs that provide a better path forward for justice-involved women,” said Michelle Cirocco, executive director, Televerde Foundation. “Our redesigned website takes visitors on a journey, from incarceration to reintegration, to emphasize the challenges women face and the support they need to rebuild their lives, reclaim their independence, and become contributing citizens. There are more stories about real women woven throughout the website that truly touch people’s hearts, strengthen the necessity of the work we do, and hopefully, inspire people to act.”

Persevere is a nonprofit partner that provides coding classes for justice-impacted individuals and places them in tech jobs as they are released. Recently Televerde Foundation entered a partnership with Persevere to provide program graduates in Arizona and Indiana with a full suite of services provided through the Televerde Foundation PATHS Program, a comprehensive 28-week reentry program that enables women to prepare for all aspects of life after incarceration. “We are deeply honored to partner with the Televerde Foundation in our shared mission to empower justice-impacted individuals through wrap-around services, education, and employment, said Alisa Malone, president, Persevere. “By providing participants with opportunities to transform their lives, we not only help them succeed but also foster a more equitable society. The Persevere and Televerde Foundation PATHS Program partnership is a model of how collaboration can pave the way for second chances and brighter futures.”

Banyan Labs, a software development company that employs 100%, justice-impacted individuals, was instrumental in helping us recreate a website with the visitor in mind. Under the guidance of industry experts, the redesign work was performed by graduates of the Persevere program. “Watching people learn a skill that can change their life in so many ways is so uplifting.  Our graduates desire to learn, and their willingness to listen is remarkable, as is their perseverance in overcoming their personal life challenges.” said Erik Jacky, director operations, Banyan Labs. “A project like this gives them purpose as well as a way to give back to the community who has supported them through their journey.”

To enter the Televerde Foundation website, visit:

About Televerde Foundation

Televerde Foundation’s mission is to provide women impacted by incarceration with the personal and professional development programs necessary to successfully join and advance in the global workforce. We seek to enable women to break the cycle of poverty and recidivism by becoming financially independent, positive role models for their children and families, thereby changing the lives of future generations, and building stronger communities. Since 2020, Televerde Foundation has provided services to more than 550 incarcerated women in Arizona and Indiana. During that time, over 200 women have returned to the community with 0 percent recidivism and 98 percent gaining full-time employment within 28 days of release. Learn more:

About Persevere

Founded in 2012, Persevere is a nonprofit organization that is committed to ending mass incarceration, reducing recidivism, and empowering justice-involved men and women to succeed as productive members of society. Persevere provides a comprehensive program that includes coding education during incarceration as well as career readiness, mentoring, essential life-skills training, residential transitional living, and job placement in the technology sector after release. Learn more:

About Banyan Labs

Banyan Labs is a software development company that employs 100%, justice-impacted individuals. With a social impact mission, Banyan Labs provides businesses with innovative information technology solutions and opportunities to make lasting, positive social change. Created out of the desire to place Persevere graduates into jobs through an on-the-job training program, their work is proven, professional, and affordable. Learn more:

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