Tensor Tech Disrupting Satellite Minimization by Going Lighter, Smaller, and More Power-Efficient

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tensor Tech, a Taiwan-based company specializing in satellite minimization, is pushing to disrupt the booming worldwide space industry with lighter, smaller, and more power-efficient satellite subsystems.

According to a report by the Space Foundation, the annual global spending for the space industry hit $469 billion in 2022. The costs involved represent a prime opportunity for companies like Tensor Tech to step in and assist on a variety of government and commercial space ventures.

“It is important to keep moving in our industry, constantly improving to ensure that we make interplanetary travel a reality. Growth of the space industry is limited mainly by cost, and Tensor Tech is addressing this pain point through disruptive innovation, offering our customers more efficient solutions that incentivize further development of this industry,” said Jordan Hsieh, Chief Business Development Officer at Tensor Tech.

Charting New Courses

Tensor Tech possesses a unique position in which to disrupt the industry standards, with technological innovations enabling attitude determination control systems (ADCS) in satellites to be smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient compared to traditional attitude control systems.

At present, there remain major obstacles for commercial entities looking to enter the growing space industry. The first is the building of launch rockets, while the second pertains to the building of the satellite, both of which brings substantial costs. A possible workaround is that of satellite minimization, but the ADCS is the biggest roadblock among all other subsystems. There is a limit to how much it can be shrunk down without impacting its tangible functions.

However, Tensor Tech has been able to make a breakthrough, reducing the weight, size, and power consumption of the nanosatellite ADCS by 60% compared to conventional solutions. In addition, the company’s technology can enable the space industry with wider commercial applications by allowing satellite missions to carry more payloads and further reducing the costs involved.

This level of innovation extends to the testing equipment that Tensor Tech also develops — namely the ADCS testbed. A cutting-edge solution for testing and calibration, the testbed is fully scalable and can measure the mass properties of a given device, and an upcoming partnership with a European company will bring further enhancements.

Shining Bright

Tensor Tech’s full attitude control solutions are headlined by its integrated attitude determination and control systems. Catering to satellites of various sizes, the product lineup of ADCS-10m, ADCS-MTQ, ADCS-20m and ADCS-40m deliver both affordable prices and user-friendly functionality.

At the core of these systems is the control moment gyroscope (CMG), an integral component that has been further enhanced by Tensor Tech’s technological advancements. The CMG-10m realizes a variable-speed, single-gimbal CMG driven by spherical motor technology. It successfully shrinks the volume and weight of a CMG for nanosatellites.

For those with other needs, the likes of the CMG-20m scissor pair or the CMG-40m pyramid cluster CMG will have plenty of use as well. Furthermore, Tensor Tech provides magnetorquers and sun sensors that can be size-efficient or tweaked to address specific needs.

Tensor Tech has plans to extend their product offering in the future, in particular with specialized CMGs tailored to micro and small satellites. Also, since gimbals are the part that most often requires replacement, the brand is developing gimballess versions of these groundbreaking products to maximize the lifetime of ADCS for space operation.

Spreading the Word

Tensor Tech will be making appearances in several upcoming events, including the Small Satellite Conference 2023 and Space Tech Expo Europe 2023. Interested visitors can learn more by joining the events and hearing from the experts themselves about how the company is disrupting the space industry.

About Tensor Tech

Operating out of Taiwan, Tensor Tech seeks to help humanity expand into the frontier of interplanetary travel by assisting investors, corporations, and governments in this noble pursuit. The company’s innovative approach to downsizing satellite components is advancing space exploration through increasing efficiency and profitability.

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