The Future of AI Advertising is Here: Oclean Launches Cutting-Edge European Campaign for Oclean X Ultra

LONDON, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Oclean is thrilled to announce the debut of its groundbreaking European commercial for the newly launched Oclean X Ultra, WiFi Smart Sonic Toothbrush, featuring Visible Brushing with AI Voice Guidance. This marks a significant achievement in innovation and collaborative creativity within the oral health industry. Partnering with renowned agencies Cut The Mustard and Graffiti Films, Oclean is reshaping advertising standards with a campaign that seamlessly integrates technology and artistic vision.


This groundbreaking commercial highlights six top influencers (Buryak Yelisavieta Andryeivna, Kamil Szpejenkowski, Meta_Queen, Nikodem Rudziński, Silke Sollfrank, Petra Kostková), each excelling in their respective fields – Beauty, Lifestyle, Dance, Tech, AI, and Fashion. Spanning five different countries and from the metaverse, these influencers collectively command an impressive following of over 10 million across various social media platforms, showcasing the extensive reach of this campaign.

In a pioneering move, none of the featured influencers physically appeared during the shoot. Instead, their digital avatars were meticulously crafted using advanced 3D scanning and AI technology, spearheaded by Humanverse, a leading expert in virtual human creation. This innovative approach not only underscores Oclean’s commitment to innovation but also highlights the potential of technology in creating immersive advertising experiences.

Adding an intriguing element to the campaign is the inclusion of a special influencer, Meta_Queen, an entirely AI-generated personality. This decision underscores the brand’s forward-thinking approach and embrace of AI as a pivotal component in modern marketing strategies.

The commercial introduces the new X Ultra by Oclean, with each influencer showcasing a key selling point of the product, from its Visible Brushing features to its advanced AI Voice Guidance. By leveraging the unique appeal and expertise of each influencer, Oclean effectively communicates the multifaceted benefits of the X Ultra, appealing to a diverse range of consumers.

This collaborative effort between Oclean, Cut The Mustard, Graffiti Films, and Humanverse not only represents a significant milestone for Oclean’s presence in Europe but also sets a new standard for creativity and technological integration in advertising. As Oclean continues to drive innovation in the oral health industry, this commercial stands as a bold testament to the brand’s vision for the future, where technology and human creativity converge to create unforgettable consumer experiences.

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