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PHOENIX , Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Through candid conversations and personal stories from forward-thinking physicians and an inspiring patient, a new short documentary featuring Fullscript, a digital health platform that helps practitioners build better patient relationships through quality supplementation and intuitive tools for treatment adherence, explores how integrative medicine can help heal our healthcare system. The emotional film captures the unprecedented challenges our society is facing and points to a brighter future. 

“The biggest obstacle we face in medicine right now is that we are taught to manage disease,” said Jeff Gladd, MD, a practicing integrative medicine physician and chief medical officer at Fullscript. “Doctors can either prescribe medication or refer to a specialist.”

In the film Gladd explains how utilizing integrative medicine to care for patients allows him to write individual treatment plans based on three core principles: nutrition, mindfulness, and movement, while also being able to prescribe healthcare’s best supplements to maintain optimal health. 

Fullscript patient Daniel Blue shares intimate details about his powerful journey towards health and how integrative medicine positively changed his life.

The six-minute short documentary further illustrates how integrative medicine physicians including Cheng Ruan, MD, Founder, Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, and Tieraona Low Dog, MD, physician, author, and educator, look beyond symptoms, address root causes, and treat the whole patient. 

“Fullscript is inspired to lead integrative medicine into being the healthcare of the future because patients deserve better,” Gladd added. “Health should be proactive and preventative, and that should be the focus over disease management. We’re committed to promoting the patient’s health journey in partnership with their provider to reduce strain on the overall healthcare system.”

Fullscript has developed tools and content to further educate and guide practitioners about integrative medicine and health-promoting care so they can understand the evidence behind the recommendations that are so key to a patient’s health.

“We hope to change medicine for the better,” Gladd said.

Watch the short documentary and learn more at fullscript.com/future

About Fullscript

Fullscript is a digital health platform that helps practitioners build better patient relationships through quality supplementation and intuitive tools for treatment adherence — all at no cost. Practitioners write online supplement plans where patients order wellness products and find resources to improve their health education. Practitioners control what their patients pay so they can grow their practices, offer deep discounts, or strike a comfortable balance of both. Fullscript’s US catalog also supports wholesale orders for in-office dispensing. Beyond supplement planning, Fullscript delivers evidence-based resources, ready-made protocols, personalized refill reminders, and more to help sustain optimal health over time. Learn more at Fullscript.com

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