UnionTech Showcases Innovative RSPro1400 at AMUG 2024 with RP American

CHICAGO, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RP American, a UnionTech reseller, is excited to showcase the UnionTech RSPro1400 at the AMUG conference from March 10-14 in Chicago, Illinois. This event highlights the RSPro1400, an industrial SLA 3D printer that stands out for its advanced multiple galvanometer technology. This feature enables high-speed, precision 3D printing by employing multiple scanners to precisely control the light beam’s movement, setting a new standard in the industry.

RSPro1400 system at AMUG 2024. Photo by UnionTech.

Enhanced Efficiency through Synchronous Operation

UnionTech’s innovative approach combines multi-scanner 3D printing with a multi-laser system, simplifying the optical design and cutting costs. The challenge of synchronizing multiple lasers has been overcome by UnionTech’s R&D team through the development of algorithms and system enhancements. These advancements double the printing speed and efficiency, while the automatic calibration technology ensures unparalleled precision and stability, minimizing human error.

Revolutionary Splicing for Superior Mechanical Integrity

UnionTech’s new scanning algorithm improves the overlap area between spliced sections, enhancing mechanical properties without compromising surface quality. The “cross splicing” technology maintains over 90% similarity in properties between spliced and non-spliced areas, proving UnionTech’s commitment to producing high-quality, durable parts.

Pioneering in Large-Format 3D Printing Innovation

Dr. Qingxiao Yu, VP and GM of R&D at UnionTech, emphasizes the company’s dedication to pioneering technologies. UnionTech’s achievements include China’s first large-format multi-scanner auto-calibration technology, ensuring precise and stable calibration. These innovations facilitate the production of accurate, high-quality parts and support the shift towards intelligent manufacturing, offering limitless possibilities for business growth.

UnionTech’s large-format 3D printing technology, using multiple galvanometers, is the outcome of continuous innovation driven by algorithm upgrades, process improvements, and advanced technology research. Committed to addressing real-world challenges and prioritizing customer needs, UnionTech aims to accelerate the transition to intelligent manufacturing and increase business revenue with infinite possibilities.

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