University Invest Announces the Addition of Precious Metals to its List of Offerings

SOUTHAMPTON, England, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The realm of financial trading has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the swift progress of technology. Brokerage platforms have kept pace with the trends, now providing a plethora of sophisticated services and state-of-the-art trading facilities that would have seemed unimaginable not so long ago. Amongst the biggest developments has been the inclusion of diverse assets onto a single platform, aimed at providing utmost ease to the market players. Universy Invest, being a proactive broker, has long embraced this trend and has recently added precious metals to its portfolio of financial asset offerings.

“As traders increasingly seek to implement their strategies with greater efficiency, we acknowledge the significance of providing a trading experience that is multi-dimensional and equipped with a diverse range of features and assets,” explained Valery Johansson, Universy Invest Spokesperson. “Consequently, we have integrated a sufficient collection of precious metals into our asset index, offering our clients a valuable opportunity to diversify their trading portfolios. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional trading conditions has always been the driving force behind our pursuit of these enhancements.”

A multifaceted trading system

Universy Invest is a full-service brokerage platform that offers a wide array of trading tools and financial assets to help traders achieve their financial goals. With lightning-fast executions and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, the broker makes it easy for market participants to augment their trading routine.

“At Universy Invest, we realize the unique demands of our clients and equip them with suitable tools and amenities accordingly,” added Johansson. “Within our trading system, all members can benefit from a variety of assets, account options, live market information, and responsive customer support among other services. Moreover, we aim to stay at the forefront of the industry, continuously improving our existing features and introducing new resources that meet the latest market standards.”

About Universy Invest

Universy Invest is an online trading broker that furnishes advanced technology and a simple sign-up process to enact a productive trading environment. The brand accommodates a wide range of financial instruments, ranging from currency pairs and stocks to recently added precious metals, maintaining an all-inclusive framework. On the whole, Universy Invest offers a comprehensive suite of services and trading tools, empowering users to carry out their trading activities with confidence and expertise. 


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