Unprecedented $399.8M federal investment in TRIUMF advances Canadian science and innovation

VANCOUVER, BC, April 16, 2024 /CNW/ –┬áThe Canadian government is sending a strong signal of support for Canadian science with an unprecedented $399.8M in funding for TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre, as announced in today’s federal Budget 2024. The funding, which represents the largest investment in the laboratory to date, will enable TRIUMF’s national and international research communities to advance critical research and innovation, including the development of isotope-based cures for cancer and illuminating the form and function of our Universe using accelerator-produced isotopes.

The funding supports TRIUMF operations through 2030 and will significantly fortify the laboratory’s world-leading science programs, including in the areas of nuclear and particle physics, life sciences, and materials sciences. The funding will also allow TRIUMF to continue expanding its research and production capacity for actinium-225 (the ‘rarest drug on earth’), a short-lived radioactive isotope with tremendous promise for treating cancer. TRIUMF will also bring online a new, flagship multidisciplinary research facility, the Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory, which will triple TRIUMF’s rare isotope production capacity and shift the landscape of global isotope beam science in Canada’s favour through increased academic and international partner collaborations, industry partnerships, and technology transfer.

“We are tremendously pleased and grateful for this historic investment into Canadian science,” said Nigel Smith, TRIUMF Executive Director and CEO. “The federal government has recognized the immense value of TRIUMF’s world-leading accelerator infrastructure, our community’s contributions to the national academic ecosystem and in training the next generation of STEM leaders, and the leadership we enable for Canada within international Big Science.”

“With today’s budget results, the federal government is setting a strong vision for science in Canada, and for our major science facilities and the invaluable national community of researchers who need this infrastructure to do their work,” said Angus Livingstone, Chair, TRIUMF Board of Governors. “TRIUMF is well-positioned to continue to driving impact for Canadians for years and decades to come.”


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