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For the Quarter Ending September 2023

North America

In the third quarter of 2023, the US experienced a sharp decline in the price of Vitamin B5 (USP grade). From July to September, CFR New York values plummeted from $16,650/mt to $11,800/mt, marking an unfavorable conclusion to the quarter. The primary factors contributing to this drastic price drop were the exceptionally low demand downstream and the abundance of supply held by market participants. The expansion of the US economy during the quarter raised concerns at the Federal Reserve, as it foresaw potential worsening of inflationary pressures. Statistical data revealed that the US manufacturing sector contracted for the ninth consecutive month in July, with businesses cutting workers and production in response to a decline in new orders. Due to sufficient stocks in the domestic market in Q3, local providers reduced their focus on importing the product from China. The Soft-Landing summer in the United States benefited from Federal Reserve assistance, as positive economic indicators in the second half raised expectations of avoiding the recession that many had predicted.

Asia Pacific

The third quarter of 2023 witnessed an overall decrease in Vitamin B5 prices in the Chinese local market. From July to September, negotiations saw a drop from $14,500/mt to $10,000/mt FOB Shanghai. The primary contributors to this price decline were the remarkably low demand from the Pharma and Nutra industries in both domestic and foreign markets, coupled with significant stock availability from local suppliers. Throughout the period, there were no fresh inquiries, resulting in low production output. The second-largest economy in the world grew more slowly than anticipated in the first half of 2023 due to increasing deflation, high unemployment, and weak international demand. China’s golden week off in late September had minimal impact on the country’s Vitamin B5 market, with prices remaining comparatively cheap compared to other supplements. However, the export of nutraceuticals, particularly Vitamin B5, influenced both domestic and foreign markets in the last few weeks of September due to the strengthening of the Yuan and the falling value of the US dollar.

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Market trends for Vitamin B5 in Europe mirrored those in North America and Asia, with significant price declines observed in Germany during Q3 2023. Vitamin B5 providers lowered their bids throughout the quarter as they held more inventory than needed to meet overall demand. Prices decreased from $16,400/mt to $10,900/mt CFR Hamburg between July and September, indicating a downtrend. In the third quarter of 2023, German distributors and manufacturers of nutraceuticals reported steep drops in new orders, production, and factory pricing for vitamin B5, signaling a severely collapsed market. Consumer patience resulted in aggregate stock levels, indicating a limited market for several commodities, including vitamin B5. Geopolitical tensions, stricter banking rules, and economic uncertainty all contributed to the overall decline in demand. According to PMI numbers, the private sector shrank in September across the Eurozone, despite a slight rise in the composite score from 46.7 in August to 47.1. The European Central Bank raised interest rates twice during this quarter.

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