Wait… What? Oscar-winning filmmakers are using this portable projector from JMGO???

The projector showcases JMGO’s relentless pursuit of cinematic picture quality and the commitment to upgrading the viewing experience for global users.

SHENZHEN, China, May 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JMGO N1 Ultra Triple Color Laser Gimbal Projector has secured US$2.24 million on Kickstarter from over 1,700 backers worldwide. The pioneering triple laser-powered projector has become a reliable choice for professionals including Academy Awards-winning filmmakers Adam Leipzig, Edd Lukas, and Rachel Morrison, who appreciate its vivid, accurate color representation, exceptional portability, and plug-and-play features.

The N1 Ultra has been well-received by global media and consumers since its debut in March.  Now the successful journey is joined by Academy Awards-winning filmmakers Adam Leipzig, Edd Lukas, and Rachel Morrison as serious users who are enjoying the “whole cinema experience in a carrying case” provided by the N1 Ultra. The addition of Academy Awards-winning filmmakers as users who are more sensitive about visual performances and image qualities undoubtedly is another recognition of N1 Ultra’s picture quality.

Will Wang, Chief Product Officer of JMGO, said, “We are thrilled to see the color representation of the N1 Ultra recognized by Oscar-winning producers and cinematographers. As an industry leader and a user-oriented company, we will continue to push the limits of optical technology to refine the picture quality of laser projectors and bring the cinematic experience to more global users.”

A Projector Recognized by Filmmakers

Filmmakers need precise color representation, clarity, and contrast in their professional monitors to ensure the productivity of their work. Now, the cinematic picture quality allows the N1 Ultra to become a new, reliable choice for them to capture every detail of the scene. The projector covers an ultra-wide color gamut of 110% BT.2020, which is equivalent to 155% DCI-P3, a widely adopted color standard for the film industry. It even offers a full suite of color calibration options, allowing users to achieve the best possible color accuracy based on their needs.

The N1 Ultra projects a shining bright image. Together with the integrated gimbal design, its application scenario is no longer confined by time and space. It can be a productivity tool for filmmakers like Adam Leipzig and Edd Lukas who need a handy, high-resolution monitor with accurate colors at work. For Rachel Morrison, it can also be a portable, 150-inch screen to enjoy movie nights while camping.

A Portable Cinema Powered by Proprietary Technology

Powering the cinematic performance of the N1 Ultra is JMGO’s proprietary optical technology, the MALC (Microstructure Adaptive Laser Control) Triple Color Laser Optics. JMGO’s engineers spent two years developing and perfecting this cutting-edge technology, which integrates into a compact, long-throw projector with a gimbal design. The in-house developed laser engine allows the N1 Ultra to deliver exceptional color representation, contrast, brightness uniformity, and speckle reduction, making it a “performance beast” according to Projector Reviews.

The gimbal design is a unique feature of the N1 Ultra, which turns it into a truly portable cinema. With the Ultra-Thin 2-Axis Gimbal System, the N1 Ultra can pan 360° horizontally and tilt 135° vertically, remaining stable at any given angle. The Instant Gimbal-like Display Correction further simplifies the setup process, as users only need to point the lens to the projection surface and let the smart calibration software automatically calibrate the image within seconds.

A Pioneer of Smart Projectors

JMGO has been dedicated to the innovation of projection technology since 2012 and established itself as a pioneer of smart projectors, bringing exceptional audio-visual experiences to millions of users in China. In 2021, JMGO expanded its business to the global market, and the N1 Ultra is its latest offering. The launch of the triple color laser projector has been a huge success since day one, raising US$2.24 million from 1,706 backers on Kickstarter in just 45 days. The projector has also become the best seller on both Rakuten Japan and Yahoo Japan following its regional launch on April 6th at Tsutaya Books Daikan-yama.

JMGO will continue to strive for technological innovation to bring cinematic experiences to more global consumers. The highly anticipated projector will be available on Amazon US and Japan, as well as the JMGO official website in mid-May 2023, at the MSRP of $2,299.

About JMGO

Since 2011, JMGO has committed to delivering immersive large-screen experiences in diverse forms of portability and versatility. Integrating functional design and high-quality entertainment, JMGO strives to build an industry-first all-in-one home entertainment ecosystem that encompasses terminal + content + platform + software to a global market.

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