Web3's biggest investors back social-fi innovation company /Reach in a bid to 'fix Crypto Twitter'

Seedphrase, Pranksy, Gmoney, Zeneca and more have invested in a new protocol built to bring quality engagement and beat the Twitter bots

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A group of the world’s best known cryptocurrency and NFT investors are financially backing a new social-fi innovation company to ‘fix Crypto Twitter’. The company, ‘/Reach’, has attracted seed funding from a wide number of public facing figures including Seedphrase, Zeneca, Pranksy, Gmoney, Dingaling, and Mooncat2878. Previous institutional funding from amongst this group include investments in Blur, LooksRare, SuperRare, and NFTNow.

L’anamour and 8an, co-founders of /Reach shared: “Twitter is the home of the international crypto community, yet the platform, the algorithm, and the millions of fake profiles are a constant source of frustration to people and businesses alike. We’re here to change this, and we’ve built a fit-for-pupose protocol and gathered together some of the biggest names in crypto to help us achieve this mission.”

After completion of a beta phase involving onboarding over 6,000 users, /Reach is planning its full launch for 14:00 EST Monday 18th December powered by the $REACH token.

The new company and its investors are looking to use social-fi innovation to fix some of the social media platform’s most glaring problems. The protocol’s USP which allows it to do this is a unique integration between Discord, the home of closed crypto communities, and Twitter/X. This enables anyone to promote their content to an engaged, audited user base while remunerating them for their contribution to the network effects.

This integration allows users and businesses alike to break through the Twitter algorithm and promote their content to targeted audiences. The protocol has already garnered interest from large gaming and media incumbents outside of web3 as a planned next step for growth.

Despite its position as the unofficial “home” of the crypto industry online, Twitter/X has increasingly come under fire from inside and outside of the blockchain industry for the prevalence of bots, fake followers, and low quality engagement across the platform.

A study earlier this year found that many of the biggest crypto profiles have 100,000s of fake ‘bot’ followers inflating their communities. These same fake profiles are also used to promote projects with artificial and low quality engagement on social posts. Elon Musk’s attempts to prevent this since he acquired the company have had limited results, Twitter/X is predicted to lose 30 million users over the next two years – almost 10% of its active user base.

Seedphrase, one of the most recognisable names on Crypto Twitter, the owner of the rarest Cryptopunks, and lead advisor of /Reach shared:

“I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined Get Reach as an advisor and investor in a bid to fix crypto Twitter and help the platform become what it was meant to be. The average organic engagement rate on X is only currently 0.05%. There is high demand for tools to help grow user engagement, while being safeguarded from unpredictable algorithmic changes and competition.

Get Reach’s platform fosters a collaborative environment where creators and contributors unite to enhance the visibility of Web3 projects, while reaping rewards for their participation. The onus is on us to welcome corporates into web3, and I see Get Reach as the perfect gateway for this with a true decentralised ethos.”

/Reach’s full launch will take place at 14:00 EST on Monday 18th December with full details to be released on the project’s Twitter/X page on Monday.


/Reach is a simplified, automated, permissionless protocol for quality engagement rewarding, powered by $REACH. The /Reach protocol allows for brands, projects, communities, and individuals to leverage the network effects of a large, vetted and audited audience to organically amplify their key pieces of content, and reward them for it. 100% of all rewards put up by creators are redistributed back into the network.

/Reach was founded by 8an, former venture developer at Rocket Internet, founding team at Numan, and co-founder of art fractionalisation protocol Particle,  and Lanamour, former private equity investor and founder of vintage photography platform FocusBloc. /Reach raised $1,000,000 on chain in less than 24 hours from the likes of Seedphrase, Zeneca, Pranksy, Gmoney, Dingaling, Canary Labs, NxGen, PunkDAO, Mooncat2878, Dingaling, and 0xSun and others who have been using the /Reach protocol throughout its beta phase and have seen the impact it can have on their communication strategies.


Having been involved in the crypto space since 2013, Seedphrase (Daniel Maegaard) is one of the most prolific figures in the web3 space and is highly involved in luxury fashion, music and generative art. He has amassed one of the largest personal collections of digital art and NFTs which includes the only 1/1 Cryptopunk#8348.


Known as one of the educational pillars of web3, Zeneca (Roy Bhasin) has helped the masses with onboarding to the world of NFTs by way of his Twitter/X posts and founding of the ZenAcademy and 333Club. Despite a more recent entrance to digital collectibles, Zeneca’s focus on value creation and ability to simplify complex topics has cemented him as a crypto thought leader.


Boasting almost 500,000 followers on Twitter/X, Pranksy is known to many as the apex of NFT collecting and trading, having sold over 1,250 Bored Apes and earning over 1,000ETH trading CryptoPunks.


A founder and collector, GMONEY is one web3’s most notable pioneers. Known simply by his alias and recognized immediately by the rare ape CryptoPunk that he uses as his PFP, GMONEY is the founder of Admit One (a membership-based group of NFT collectors) and 9DCC (a web3-based fashion brand).


PunkDao are the the largest decentralized organization holding punks. They invest in projects through Punk Ventures, a VC investment DAO with membership on application. 


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