Win $300K this Easter with HypeDrop™

NICOSIA, Cyprus, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gamified unboxing platform HypeDrop™, suitable for those 18+, is set to give away $300,000 worth of premium items in a Jackpot this April.

During the Easter event, HypeDrop’s community will collect a random number of Jackpot tickets from a Daily Calendar. These tickets will add an entry to a Jackpot pool, giving every user who collects them an equal chance to win.

The Jackpot will be split between 100 winners. Live on Twitch, Jackpot tickets will be selected randomly, with the winner attached to the ticket receiving a prize. In first place, the winner will receive a *$87,228 Mercedes C63S Edition 1, followed by a €25,179 Omega Globemaster and €24,705 Icebox Diamond Earrings.

The Mystery Box brand is renowned for their community events, having previously hosted a $300K Jackpot in December 2021, and regularly holding giveaways on social media.

HypeDrop Spokesperson:

“At HypeDrop, we believe that anything is possible. Our life-changing Jackpot giveaways provide our community with the opportunity to win luxury items, and participate in a social event with their peers.

“This April, we expect that 2 million tickets will be collected by over 200,000 users in the lead up to our livestream event. For as long as our community enjoy these promotions, we will continue to provide them.”

So far, 100,000 users have participated in the Easter Event, with the number of collected Jackpot tickets totalling 500,000.

As part of the giveaway, users will also have a chance to collect Easter Eggs. These Eggs can be used to unlock a group of limited edition Mystery Boxes for free.

About HypeDrop

Founded in 2019, HypeDrop™ is an 18+ innovative gamified platform that allows users to unbox verified clothing, footwear, technology and collectibles from a range of Mystery Boxes. Influenced by streetwear culture, the brand has immortalised the future of online shopping.

By removing decision fatigue when selecting luxury apparel from leading brands, HypeDrop™ delivers a shopping experience that results in fun and unforgettable memories.

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*Depending on market availability, the items listed here may differ. However, a similar valued item will replace that specified should it change.

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