Zensar Solves the Privileged Access Challenge

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Local administrator rights are often temporarily granted to users to complete day-to-day tasks or install approved software. When left unrestricted, these privileges can conflict with compliance policies while creating a wide attack surface.

Like many distributed organizations, without the ability to define privilege scope, the Zensar team was forced to work with limited control over how administrative rights were allocated.


Zensar needed a tool to meet security requirements without disrupting process. It needed to have flexible access controls so the IT team could generate new policies based on unique user requirements while generating privilege reporting across endpoint assets and users.

Leveraging the BeyondTrust solution, Zensar was able to confine software installation and uninstallation, while continuing to issue the privileges needed for users to complete day-to-day activities. The team created user definitions, application whitelists, and other policies that aligned them closer to software compliance requirements.

Why BeyondTrust?

Vikas Vijaywargiya, Cio, Zensar says, “BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management is a comprehensive tool that is also far better than alternative solutions we assessed in terms of implementation and professional support. Competitor solutions were bulky and had difficult processes to set up and apply. BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management seamlessly integrated with our internal process and created an exceptional outcome.”

According to Zensar, PAM solutions from other vendors had limited features, and often required a bundled software deployment. Customizable whitelisting options were not offered – a key requirement due to internal policies. BeyondTrust met all the security requirements of the Zensar team.


Endpoint Privilege Management helped Zensar remove local admin rights, improving the user experience and optimizing IT operations. Role-based access control and agent management features helped Zensar harden endpoint security without impacting user productivity.

Auditing and forensic features helped them meet compliance requirements, generate audit trails, and provide detailed audit reports. World-class implementation and support services ensured seamless integration, adding value to Zensar’s internal processes.

“BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management is a perfect solution. It has considerably improved our organization’s security processes and reduced errors, while helping us address compliance demands,” notes Orwill Sebastian, Project Manager at Zensar.

Blanket admin rights have been revoked, and the principle of least privilege is enforced across endpoints. Policy-based controls ensure uncompromising security, enabling users to do their jobs.

Case Study: https://www.beyondtrust.com/resources/caseStudies/zensar

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