Zoetic Global and City of New Orleans Announce MOU To Advance Net Zero Carbon Goals

Signing Ceremony to be Held at COP 28 in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zoetic Global, a leading U.S.-based climate impact company with a portfolio of carbon reduction solutions, and the City of New Orleans have announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to achieve the city’s net zero carbon goals by increasing sustainability, including significant carbon reduction and water and energy resiliency.



“The City of New Orleans faces extreme risks from the impacts of the climate crisis and it’s imperative that we act now to lower our own carbon footprint. Most of our city’s carbon emissions come from the use of energy in our buildings. This initiative will provide both economic and environmental benefits from more sustainable energy and water resources and will help ensure long-term resilience for our city,” said LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of the City of New Orleans.

“Zoetic will work with all relevant stakeholders to bring about meaningful change in climate action planning at a critical time. Zoetic’s carbon reduction solutions will support the City of New Orleans in achieving its net zero goals through economically compelling, environmentally significant programs,” said Executive Chairman Jerome Ringo.

“We are honored that Zoetic can help the City of New Orleans accelerate its sustainability efforts. With a comprehensive program that encompasses energy efficiency, energy generation, and water treatment, Zoetic aims to have a positive impact on the City’s environmental footprint. Together, Zoetic and the City are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future, setting an inspiring example for communities worldwide,” said Zoetic Global CEO Avery Hong.

One of Zoetic’s pivotal responsibilities is to deliver an initial energy refrigerant installation to the City of New Orleans. This installation aims to optimize cooling equipment and achieve substantial energy savings and emissions reduction. With Zoetic’s advanced refrigerants, substantial cooling cost reductions are now possible, while also offering the opportunity to earn valuable carbon credits through precise energy savings and emissions reduction data gathered by state-of-the-art HVAC system sensors.

Additionally, Zoetic will assess the City’s water and base-load power needs, leveraging innovative solutions like hydrogen generation technology. Through Zoetic’s Shared Cost Savings program, projects in New Orleans will have access to finance opportunities, eliminating capital expenditure requirements while sharing in annual realized energy savings. In support of its commitment, Zoetic pledges to allocate twenty percent of carbon credits generated by its groundbreaking technologies towards programs that benefit the City. These programs will address critical aspects such as energy, water, and food security, with a focus on the most vulnerable communities in the City.

The City of New Orleans’ role in this transformative engagement involves bringing all parties together to ensure clarity in project directives and ambitions. Through collaboration and valuable insights into neighborhoods experiencing economic disparity, the City aims to maximize the potential of Zoetic’s innovative solutions and carbon credit-funded programs.

Zoetic Global recently announced its full endorsement of the Global Cooling Pledge which is an important topic of discussion at the United Nations Climate Summit COP28 currently underway in Dubai with the Zoetic team in attendance. With the rising threat of global warming leading to excessive air conditioning consumption, the pledge signifies a significant step towards minimizing carbon emissions related to cooling, targeting a reduction of at least 68 percent by 2050. Zoetic Global is actively working with governments and businesses worldwide to help them reach the UN’s ambitious climate change goals and plans to announce additional major partnership deals at COP 28.

To arrange meetings at COP28, contact Mike Peters at michael.peters@zoeticglobal.com or Ashleigh Jacubec at ashleigh@zoeticglobal.com.

To arrange media interviews at COP28, contact Charlotte Luer at cluer@ljhfm.com.

About Zoetic Global

ZOETIC means “Of or Pertaining to Life.” It speaks to the focus of its co-founders, Jerome Ringo, and Avery Hong, on bringing impactful solutions to the areas of greatest need. This entails technologies that are innovative, impactful, immediate, and investable. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change.

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